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    Yes driving over the soldier is fine. I usually gently ease in it to give cars an idea that I am trying to avoid something on the ground.
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    Pollution And The Elements Can Kill

    Yes must be very careful and bring a gas mask whenever you can. It has become very serious especially around major cities like Beijing.
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    Do you agree...?

    Well it would depend. The first bike would stink on the road and the second bike would barely ride on rough mountain terrain. The list needs to be described much more thoroughly.
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    Dismounting from your bike

    Can't really over work your legs. That painful feeling means your muscles are working extremely hard. I would douse it away with protein and you should get a substantial small gain of muscle. Take a day or two off rinse and repeat.
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    Question on commuting

    Usually if I am commuting to work which is around a 40 minute ride 10 miles away, I would prop on my helmet and ear buds and just go.
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    What Is Your Resting Morning Heart Rate?

    I took mine this morning and it was sub 50s. Closer to 51 to be honest though.
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    What's the greatest unexpected benefit you've had from cycling?

    Meeting new people and new friends. Maybe someday I might be able to meet my future ride some how in a future ride if I am really lucky lmao!
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    Jehovah's Witnesses, do they cycle? :D

    I would assume so. I wouldn't guess why not?
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    Getting Used To Deep Dish Wheels

    Well if you are used to biking with the Deep Dish, you might as well get along and continue to try it out. Nothing wrong in riding in Deep Dishes.
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    Trip To Hawaii

    I believe there are plenty of nice bike paths to explore Hawaii. I hope you enjoyed your stay considering this is a pretty dated thread.
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    For When Your Regular Horn Isn't Enough... Now Introducing Train Horns For Harassing Cyclists.

    Haha funny! I remember my friend installed a 1930s car horn to his bike and used it to scare people on a bike path a couple years back, the funniest reactions ever!
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    Numbness in one foot

    You got to keep those toes tapping and moving while on the bike. Your feet can get numb really fast especially for me if I don't keep my feet moving.
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    I have never been a fan of tattoos. I think I would pass on the opportunity.
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    Helmets and head shapes

    I like bell the best. I have used them for years and they have never dissapointed me, even in the event of a accident. Have saved my head more than countless times!
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    5 borough tour and how to cycle slow?

    Take it very slow and easy. I would probably invest in some snow tires for your bike if your frame can handle it. This will give you much more traction and a peace of mind while cycling.