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  1. R2D2

    Relearned the railroad crossing rule

    Yeah, almost all of them on my routes are diagonal. Sometimes traffic doesn't let you swing out.
  2. R2D2

    Getting hit by a car, is it a matter of time?

    Yup, Got bumped once. I was right in front of the guy at a stop light (he was turning right, but looking left). I had the "walk" signal, he had the red light (small red sports car). I was almost past him when he accelerated and his bumper made contact with my left pedal (clipless), swinging...
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    Bacchetta got it right

    Personally, I much prefer the Bacchetta's handlebar position to every other one I've tried. I'm most definitely not in the "superman" position. My elbows are at my side with about a 110 degree bend, and my wrists are at a natural vertical position. If you've ever sat in a Formula One racer...
  4. R2D2

    4130 Chromoly vs. Reynolds 853 Steel

    Point well made guys. Thanks for persevering (darn advertising hacks!) R2
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    4130 Chromoly vs. Reynolds 853 Steel

    Kudos Mark on the great frame! My attempt at a 66" LWB weighed in at a full 6 lbs. I have nowhere near enough experience to start pushing wall thicknesses or shaping. I guess I'll just keep being conservative until I can find a Mentor. I agree, vertical compliance is a pretty high priority...
  6. R2D2

    4130 Chromoly vs. Reynolds 853 Steel

    Several frame builders use this same quote in describing the advantages of 853 over typical 4130: "Reynolds 853 when introduced in 1995, set new standards for steel bicycle tubing. The strength to weight ratio of 853 is equal to that of quality titanium frames. Normal chrome molybdenum steel...
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    4130 Chromoly vs. Reynolds 853 Steel

    Mark is correct that 853 tubes can be Manganese-Bronze/Copper brazed (RBCuZn Type, between 866-882 degrees C). I should have stated that you should not use some of the more common silver brazing methods (low temp) on tube joints (silver brazing or soldering can still be used for cable stops and...
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    4130 Chromoly vs. Reynolds 853 Steel

    853 has a higher strength to weight ratio, has better fatigue strength and stiffness (about 30% greater than 4130). 853 is still Reynold's best steel. The joints actually gain strength as they cool. 853 cannot be brazed, only welded. Reynolds makes a 4130 called Reynolds 525. It's a general...
  9. R2D2

    Rans tailwind gearing/shifting

    You are in luck. All Shimano and SRAM front shifters move exactly the same amount of cable (between gears, and overall). The shifters and derailleurs are also completely interchangeable between the two manufacturers, and between mountain and road groups. I rode a Tailwind for a couple of...
  10. R2D2

    The Butt and Foot Connection

    Here's something I discovered a long time ago. It may be only a partial solution to your problem, but it will sure make your feet feel better. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part of the problem could be right inside your shoes. If you pull the insoles...
  11. R2D2

    Chains and pins recommended ?

    I've used both Shimano and SRAM (Sachs) chains for many years, and do not have a complaint with either. I find the SRAM Powerlink easiest to connect, but this is a very minor detail. Either way, I'd recommend a (zinc or nickel) plated chain for longest life, especially if you ride in damp...
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    Congrats Lance!

    What an inspiration.
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    Ideas for a 3-person Super'bent?

    Oops, sorry... I originally wrote: Stack 'em! A la Dr. Seuss!
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    Continental Grand Prix tires

    Hey Pete, You may have seen from some of my previous posts that I think the Contis are the greatest tires in the world. The others are probably getting pretty tired of hearing me expound their virtues! I did a direct switch from Primo Comets to the GP, and added about 1 1/2 MPH to my average...
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    My! My! What DID that lady say??????????

    Re-post: "He He, That's where an RPG comes in handy" 'Course you'd have to be careful and ride around all of the sharp pieces...
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    Clipless Pedals - do many not use them?

    The "Subject" line to my previous post was deleted. It said "I love the Shimano M747's"
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    My rear brake is messed (beware - whiny post)

    Check that your brake cable housing hasn't pulled out of one of the braze-on stops (for the front brake and rear). Then turn your steerer to the left to re-engage the front brake (or loosen the front brake adjustment at the lever - then re-tighten when front brake is put back together)...
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    Ideas for a 3-person Super'bent?

    A la Dr. Seuss!
  19. R2D2

    Clipless Pedals - do many not use them?

    You just have to get Very familiar with the term "Anticipate."
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    recumbent for a 7 & 5 year old?

    Jason, I was thinking that you could ride Captain on the recumbent tandem with your 5 year-old as stoker, and your Wife on the other tandem with the 7 year-old. And of course switch off regularly... or maybe have to let her ride the 'Bent the whole [email protected] time... :)