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  1. aa9t8

    can the phone add people be shot?

    however i do not want to read your adds. just wondering is it sport for you phone add people or what?
  2. aa9t8

    holes in hubs?

    i have an old bianchi 10 speed. the wheels are aluminium with made in italy stickers. the hub itself has a hole in the middle with a slider thingy to cover the hole. anybody got any idea what is the purpose? thanks.
  3. aa9t8


    so what is with bike manufacturers? i know that a 10 speed cassette sounds sexy and all that but why are they not giving us full range? why are they 12-25? why not 11-34? i want full range not a lot of mid range. is there a plot to take away hill climbing gears? and since they are usually a...
  4. aa9t8

    want to ride a century

    my dilema i want to ride a century. my choices for a ride are an aluminum mtb bike with good seat and suspension seat post. i have also put an 11-34 rear cog on it as well as skinny high pressure tires. oh yeah and bar ends. my other choice is a flat bar road bike with a tri bar on it. the mtn...
  5. aa9t8

    tandem forum?

    there has to be twice as many tandem riders as unicycle riders. are the tandem riders going to get their own forum? please?
  6. aa9t8

    many flats

    so wife and i go for a long ride yesterday. i am riding my veloz its a flat bar road bike a few years old with about 1000 kms on it. it has upgraded tires 100 to 130 psi. it has the stock wheels on it which are not great but are pretty good. i start with a flat. about 25 kms later i get another...
  7. aa9t8

    critical mass ride!!!

    our second critical mass ride will be on the 19th of july. 7pm at the bike shop come one and all. it is at the corner of ware and walsh streets. very close to warestreet and south fraser way. if you need help to find it contact me. you do not need a fancy smansy bike or clothes. grandmothers and...
  8. aa9t8

    is it a better work out?

    hope this is the place to ask. i ride pretty much every day. clears the head and helps my arthritis. i am thinking that riding my track bike is a better work out and better cardio. what say you? and thanks.
  9. aa9t8

    would a wider tire help?

    my question is. i have practised and practised and practised. i went to safeway and got 2 carts to hang on to. and practised some more. and i am not quite there. but i think i am getting close. would a wider tire help? before i die i wanna ride this thing.
  10. aa9t8

    aero bars on a flat bar road bike

    my wife just bought herself a new norco crd 1. and she needed a new owner for her veloz flat bar road bike. the bike has about 500 kms on it. never been in the rain. it is almost dirty. i think i have only lubed the chain twice. took it out today was a beautiful ride. my question is has anybody...
  11. aa9t8

    tandem section

    spring is here summer is coming could we please have a tandem section?
  12. aa9t8

    chain wrap

    i am trying to figure out how having more or less wrap will help me with a shifting problem. will less wrap give me faster shifting going up in gear? what will more wrap do? please i have been fiddling with this bike for months. have changed chain, derailler, cable twice, now using 1.1, also put...
  13. aa9t8

    questions about fit

    my wife is buying a new road bike and wants to know if there is a formula to determine road handle bar width and stem length. thanks
  14. aa9t8

    what is the v shaped thingy

    i am working on this old bianchi and the brake shoes each have a v shaped thingy attached to them. so i look at wife's veloz (flat bar roadbike) and it has them too. what are they for? and do they serve a purpose? thanks
  15. aa9t8

    So What Is Up With This ****?

    i was riding my bent today. and went by a few roadies. for some reason they could not say hi or wave or acknowledge my existence. twas like i was invisible. i used to ride a sportbike (overpowered 2 wheeler). and lots of people riding a particular kind of crusier (over egoed and priced)...
  16. aa9t8

    suck on the hills

    how can i improve on the hills. my bent is a sun speedster. short wheel base. now i know that the bike is not the best of the best. and my leg muscle mass is improving. but when i get into a long hill i just get off and push. which was humiliating but actually is freeing cause now i can go where...
  17. aa9t8

    anybody else out here?

    hello is anybody else living in abbotsford? i would like to find some riding buddies
  18. aa9t8

    N + 1 = the number of bikes one needs

    i am taking a bicycle repair course at the college and the correct mathematical formula for the number of bikes one person needs is N + 1 where N = the number that one currently owns. so there it is from the professional instructor guy!
  19. aa9t8

    i got one too

    i am 46 i have a daily exercise routine that is stretches crunches and situps. i started it to help me manage my arthitis pain. i ride about 5 kms a day often more. i am not fanatical about my weight. or my diet. i do not eat red meat, fish, poultry or seafood. i rarely drink pop eat chips or...
  20. aa9t8

    tandem sinc chain?

    the next question! we have a norco evolution tandem and it is time to change the chain on the sync side. the cranks say "shimano altus" and the gear rings say "shimano dual sis ring" any ideas on what to put on it?