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  1. Dr Hongzhi Mo

    Zipp 303 firecrest vs. corima 47 ws black vs. roval cl50

    choose what looks good, I will say 303 is best looking for F12. Anyway the three set has no difference, only looks differently. Just avoid putting a pair of Roval on anything else than S-works or specialized bike just cause that don't look match.
  2. Dr Hongzhi Mo

    tubulars and puncture sealants

    goto tubluars is actually a degrade, not an upgrade. I've been use tubluars, then clinchers, and soon to tubeless, now already 2 years in tubeless and i won't go back to any other options, tubeless is so good in all factors. But i still can give you some idea about your questions cause i...
  3. Dr Hongzhi Mo

    Sealant - how long does it really last??

    Thanks for the reply. I am using Stans regular and realized it's still far less dried than the instruction. all my 3 bikes are road bike with 700c and 25-28mm tires, 60-80psi. i wrote this because i was maintaining all my 6 tires all seems keep the same amount of sealant after 6-12 month of...
  4. Dr Hongzhi Mo

    Sealant - how long does it really last??

    In my case, i put on a new tire 1 year ago (700c-28mm), with 35-40ml sealant, and half a year ago, i top up another 25ml through the valve hole. Yesterday i remove the tire, and realized there is around 60ml sealant still there. According to any sealent instructions seems sealant will be...