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  1. Ricitius

    Pardon me, but does anyone know the specs for this hub?

    Bianchi custom hub from a 2006 Bianchi San Jose. I'm trying to figure out the size of spokes to buy. Thank you kindly for reading.
  2. Ricitius

    about to build a really nice bike, however there is one little problem.

    the frame i have is a canondale caad9. however to set up the gears and such i think i need a little piece that guides the cables. it's located on the bottom bracket. where does one find such a piece? it's really frustrating to not be able to complete the bike due to this...
  3. Ricitius

    I just got a 2001 Bianchi Pista frame

    I swapped everything I had to it (wheels, chain, drop bar, brake and levers along with everything that comes with it) and rode it... For some reason it's the most comfortable bicycle I've ever been on. It's ridiculous. It feels as if I'm floating on my seat. I thought it was going to be more...
  4. Ricitius

    rebuilding a hub

    i just got an old motobecane bicycle called the super mirage. it's in a sweet condition. about the only thing that i have to do is get a new headset and new wheels. the wheels have a bit of rust on the spokes. so i'm thinking about taking apart the hub and clean it and regrease it. i'm wondering...
  5. Ricitius

    hi there, i'm wondering what is a fair price for a bike witht this equipment set up?

    The bike frame is a steel Motobecane Olympia, I think it's from 1981 and still has a great original paint finish. It's got the stock seat stem, fork, front brake, bottom bracket, and headset. The front wheel is a black Aerospoke. The rear wheel has a flip-flop Phil Woods hub laced to a machined...
  6. Ricitius

    building a new bike

    i'm thinking of finally going geared for a new ride. i've been riding a single speed a a fixie for quite some time now :) what exactly is the difference between the shimano 105, ultegra, and dura ace groupsets? is it just weight savings? or is also function? meaning, does the dura ace shifter...
  7. Ricitius

    wheel question

    Hello everyone, I am wondering if anyone knew what kinds of tires/wheels these are in the picture of the following link: ECMC 2006 They look as if they were made out of wood. Lol Second query: I'm having a rear wheel built for my singlespeed cross bike. I just ordered a 36 hole 130mm Phil...
  8. Ricitius

    Can 1973 Motobecane be upgraded to the latest groupsets?

    Here is the link to the bike:
  9. Ricitius

    Does anyone know of a crankset and bb that would fit a 2003 KHS Sport hardtail?

    The rings on my bicycle are cracked. And I noticed that they are connected to the crank on the drive side. So I think I need to get a new crankset and a bottom bracket. I've been thinking that I rarely even use the front derailleur, so I might just take it off and have just one ring. Will the...
  10. Ricitius

    Road wheels on a mtb hardtail.

    Can you fit road wheels on a mtb frame by using spacers instead of narrowing the wheel space or using mtb hubs on a road rim?
  11. Ricitius

    Pedal question.

    Does anyone know if you can use Power Grips with the 5050 xx pedal from Crank Brothers? I've been commuting for almost a year on my bicycle with Eggbeaters and mtb shoes. I've been carrying an extra pair of shoes throughout this time; wearing cycling shoes for school is bearable since I...
  12. Ricitius

    Helmet question!

    Do any of you have dreadlocks? If you do, then what kind of helmet suits you?
  13. Ricitius

    Bottom bracket and crankset question.

    I commute 16 miles daily on my sweet KHS Sport mountain bicycle. Recently, I began hearing a harsh creaking noise each time I pedal. When I got home I checked and it turns out that there is a crack on one of the chainrings. I recently got a new BB since it cracked. It's a Shimano BB, the model...
  14. Ricitius

    Are there any touring frames that will allow you to use MTB tires ...

    ...and front suspension? Me and my friend are planing a tour. However we don't think that we'll find paved roads everywhere along our way. Which is why we're wondering if there was a cycling frame that could use a front suspension fork and MTB tires. I know there are FS forks that lock when you...
  15. Ricitius

    Tools needed for taking/placing together bicycle

    I want to learn more about bicycles. I was wondering if someone could list the tools needed for taking apart/putting back together my bicycles. Thank you kindly for reading this post.
  16. Ricitius

    When wearing cycling shoes...

    ...what kind of socks do you wear? I just bought a pair of shoes a couple of weeks back. I am using regular tube socks. I tend to carry sandals on me, so when I arrive at campus I don't have to walk around with the cycling shoes on. They feel uncomfortable when walking around for a long time.
  17. Ricitius

    What are the differences among SPD cleats?

    What is the best cleat out there? What makes them better than the other? Sorry for my questions, I'm intrested. I just got some Specialized mtb cycling shoes and put on the cleats that came with my Egg Beater pedals and am riding well in my commutes. I am wondering what the average life-span...
  18. Ricitius

    What is the difference between the Crankbrothers Egg Beater pedals?

    Other than just the type of material it's made from(steel, titanium, chromoly)? Thankyou kindly for reading this.
  19. Ricitius

    I'm looking for a threadless adjustable 1 1/8 stem...

    Does anyone know of a good one? I don't care about weight issues, however I do mind about quality and durability. Thankyou kindly for reading this post. Feel free to tell me what worked, or is currently working, best for you.
  20. Ricitius

    Vredestein Spider Max

    Has anyone used it? Are they really that puncture resistant as they claim to be?