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  1. Powderfinger

    Buying a fixed gear?

    Hey people, I was about to have my LBS build me a fixed gear out of random parts for about $200, but then I saw this Mercier on ebay for $300. Any thoughts ? Has anyone ridden one of these?
  2. Powderfinger

    184 mile ride on dirt trail. How to train??

    Hey all, I want to ride the C&O (Chesapeke & Ohio) canal trail next spring. It's 184 miles of hardpacked dirt / pebble road. Most people do it in two or three days. I've read that you can expect a 6-8 mile per hour average since there's no pavement and the trail conditions vary a lot. So how...
  3. Powderfinger

    Fixed Gears... Can someone explain?

    Quick Question: I live back and forth between New York and DC, and 9 out of 10 bicycle messengers are riding fixed gear bikes these days. This seems counterintuitive to me since brakes are (to my mind) a necessity in heavy traffic. So why the popularity? I've heard vague talk about better...
  4. Powderfinger

    Is locking bike a bad idea? Best lock?

    Hey, I've got a Trek 5200, which is uninsured and I have no means to replace it if it gets stolen as I'm a poor graduate student. Therefore, I've never taken my bike anywhere if I couldn't be with it the whole time. This kind of cramps my style, however, as it prevents me from riding to the gym...
  5. Powderfinger

    First time Century

    Hey everyone... I know this thread has been started elsewhere, but I have a slightly different situation... I am interested in riding a century (perhaps metric depending on how I feel) in Novemeber. I have about 15 weeks to train. I'm starting from scratch, with the added "bonus" that I had...
  6. Powderfinger

    In-Line Skating during base period ???

    Hey guys, Just wondered if anyone has tried replacing 1-2 cycling workouts with rollerblading during the base period. I haven't skated for a while, but I remember it seemed to help develop strength in the abs, lower back, hamstrings, and glutes, as well as hips. Since cycling doesn't do much...
  7. Powderfinger

    Cycling stamina vs. Walking / Stairs

    So I'm perplexed... I'm recovering from a major illness and I started cycling to improve cardiovascular health and general muscle atrophy from sitting on my ass (literally) for a year. I've been cycling about 40 min. 4 X a week for a few months. What is perplexing me is that I can now ride...
  8. Powderfinger

    Rollers vs. Trainers

    So what is a better option for a beginner cyclist mainly concerned with increasing cardio endurance - ROLLERS or a TRAINER? I'm leaning toward rollers cause it seems like it wouldn't get as boring if you have to maintain balance... any suggestions on a good brand?
  9. Powderfinger

    Cycle Computer: Sports Instruments

    Hey a friend of mine that races told me "Polar sucks" and that he uses a Sports Instruments computer / HRM. I didn't get a chance to ask why so I thought i'd ask you guys what you know about other brands besides Polar. Specifically I'm interested in being able to download the cyclometer info...
  10. Powderfinger

    Saddle woes

    Hey guys, I just bought a Trek 5200, and the Selle San Marco saddle is a disaster. I've heard a lot of complaints 1: what is a good COMFORTABLE saddle? 2: do you think the shop i bought the bike at will swap the saddle i got with the bike for a new one?
  11. Powderfinger

    Starting From Ground Zero After Cancer

    What's up folks... so i was a lightweight rower in college, then i got metastatic testicular cancer, DVTs (clots) in both legs, which was a 2 year ordeal, much of it spent in bed. since i am so out of shape and have reduced lung capacity, leg muscles, etc, i'm wondering if i should start...