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  1. puma

    Quik Q: Mavic Carbone Internal Spoke Nipple [tool] Size?

    Quick thanks to [email protected] of Vecchio's Bicicletteria ( for the tool.
  2. puma

    Quik Q: Mavic Carbone Internal Spoke Nipple [tool] Size?

    Thanks. I'll pick one up at a shop later today. The new triple-headed SW-15 Park Tool that just came out this Feb may be a good one.
  3. puma

    Quik Q: Mavic Carbone Internal Spoke Nipple [tool] Size?

    Just bought a pair of the Cosmic Carbones (the black plastic fairings) and wanted to know what internal nipple spoke tool is necessary? I'm guessing either a 5 or 5.5mm hex socket? Thanks.
  4. puma

    Tour of CA coverage download spot

    Not all of us can get access to the race. So I'm wondering if anyone know where I can get Versus's coverage of the race (torrent, edonkey, etc, whatever). Last year I was able to get the on Demonoid (torrent). But these guys have been shut down since, and the regular sources show up nill.
  5. puma

    Fizik Aliante = San Marco Concor or Regal or Magma MG?

    Well, the Aliante been good to me. But then again, maybe it's just a case of being the best out of the worst. It isn't perfect; and can get uncomfortable after day long rides. No harm in seeing if I can find something more comfortable. Since there are dozens of saddles, I felt the best place...
  6. puma

    Cycle computer help

    I think a single unit is best. Who wants to mount/carry 2 units? If you go with a company like Polar or Cateye I doubt the odds of it crapping out on you is very big, plus they come with warranties. Personally, I'm waiting for the Cateye V3/V2c coming...
  7. puma

    Fizik Aliante = San Marco Concor or Regal or Magma MG?

    Looking for a new saddle. I've been using an Aliante for a while and it's been very good. Tried an Arione, and that turned into a razor blade after a few hours. I'm interested in trying out something in the San Marco line. Not concerned at all with weight. And was wondering if anyone here...
  8. puma

    Bike Shorts

    That's hard to say. Depends on your build. Also, do you think you want bibs or just shorts. I only ever used bibs in a knickers form early on, and hated how the waist-band pressed on my stomach when hunched over, and they can ride down. Bibs are definitely the right choice if cycling rubs...
  9. puma

    Thomson stems and seatpost Q

    How dare you, sir. I shall challenge you to a duel (just sent an e-slap across your face with my cycling gloves).
  10. puma

    Thomson stems and seatpost Q

    The black seatposts are as sexy as any carbon post. I'd call it the Kysriums of seatposts. Perhaps not the lightest, but at least in will never let you down. Besides, unless you're a competing/aspiring KOM pro, who gives a sh*t. Shave your head to shed some weight if it's such a big deal...
  11. puma

    HED Stingers [60]. Anyone ppl/owners oppose?

    I never go fast enough to need to brake... Yeah that's is all a concern, how well will a carbon brake surface hold up over time and on long descents. But that's the answers I'm seeking. Certainly, there are all carbon tub/clinchers that ppl use as training wheels and find quite...
  12. puma

    HED Stingers [60]. Anyone ppl/owners oppose?

    Well, it's all relative, I know the jets are more durable, but how much more, would the stingers under my 150lbs be equivalent to the jets under a 200lb guy. And the 200lbs guy has has no issues with his set. I just wanted to know if they could be everday wheels w/o too much maintenance...
  13. puma

    I am a sexy model, my boss wants to ..........?

    I believe you should quit both your b/f and your boss, travel to Mexico, and take a leading role in a donkey show. It's not as dazzling as a modeling career, but the pay is honest. Oh, and some english language classes wouldn't hurt.
  14. puma

    HED Stingers [60]. Anyone ppl/owners oppose?

    Been riding Ksyriums for the last three years, and they have been absolutely wonderful. But I've come down with the upgrade bug and have been looking for my first "aero" wheelset and havetaken a liking to the HED Stinger. I'm looking to get a 60 in the rear (can get it slightly cheaper than...
  15. puma

    Mavic Cosmic Carbones vs. Zipp 404s

    It depends on the type of person and rider you are. If you're wealthy, by all means, get the Zipps, they are better "racers." If you are a climbing featherweight and/or are counting every gram on both on your bike and body, and are willing to spend the extra dough to get to the base of a climb...
  16. puma

    When ebay goes wrong

    eBay has its flaws. But on the whole, it rocks. Getting screwed shouldn't be a regular thing. If it is, YOU'RE doing something wrong. As far as this case goes, worse case scenario, the seller claims it isn't the original set he sent you, and he'll send it back. But looking at his feedback...
  17. puma

    I WANT SOME AWERSOME Cycling promotional posters/banners

    I was some god dam%$#$ posters/banners of cyclists. And while I can find dozens of posters of overweight MLB players and golfers, it seems cycling just doesn't deserve the same respect. Now I've been around for a while, so I know all about the Graham Watson and Lance stuff, etc. But I'm...
  18. puma

    new cyclist with apparel trouble

    "aint" isn't a word either. :D
  19. puma

    QUICKIE:Using a TimeTrial Chainrings on [non-TT] Road/Climbing Bike

    Would there be any reason (other than perhaps weight or gearing) to not use a TT crankset/chainrings (pic below) on a non-TT bike? Seems to me that's where road cranks are at least aesthetically going anyways with the like of the FSA MegaExo... And if it would be kosher to run these, and the...
  20. puma

    VR trainer that let's you interactively race against computer opponents

    I'm looking for a virtual reality trainer that let's you interactively/dynamically compete against simulated riders. You know, like a rider in the group attacks, you try to go with him, or you attack and maybe some get dropped, etc. I believe most VR trainers, like Tacx, only place other...