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  1. el Ingles

    WINTER WARNING -shimano

    Shimano has a small flaw in that if left without using for a while the shifters can stop shifting due to a critical part of the system seizing in it´s post so try to use the shifters at least once a month during any layup due to winter , this is true of all shimano shifters that are not...
  2. el Ingles

    biomechanics & cycling

    an address that might be of intrest universidad de león , departamento de biomecánica , Dr. Juan Garcia López . this is the guy who´s working with some of the best spanish cyclists to improve their position on the bike ( Mayo , Valverde among others ) some general rules he´s come up with...
  3. el Ingles

    CNN screw up

    CNN in the dog house for translating speech in from Iran and getting the meaning 100% wrong , quoting Iran as saying it wanted nukes when in reality the speech said they didn´t and couldn´t see why any truelly civilised nation would . Now this isn´t the first time CNN have done this but this is...
  4. el Ingles

    death penalty in Arnold´s land

    Am I the only one to wonder at the execution of a 76 year-old man who was blind , añmost deaf , confined to a wheelchair had diabetes and cronic heart problems ? If you wanted to really punish the SOB then letting him live would probably be the nastiest thing you could do : so is Arnold trying...
  5. el Ingles

    winter warning for shimano users : ROAD & MTB

    Just a short word of warning to all Shimano users who are taking their bikes off the road for the winter . Shimano makes some really good gear but it all has a small design flaw : the mecanism they use , a sort of rachet and pawl thing ( techcrats can give the correct term ) relies on a small...
  6. el Ingles

    torture and democracy

    How can Bush preach at the rest of the world when he wants the cia to be able to torture people ? Isn´t this the problem that the world has with the US , this constant game of " one rule for us but another for everybody else " that just loses the US any credability it has on the world stage -...
  7. el Ingles

    fit kit ?

    been reading a lot recently about posture on a bike - much of it sounding loopy . read this
  8. el Ingles

    shimano flaw

    been working in a mates shop while he´s been recovering from a busted clavicle ( race accident ) , I´m not a born mechanic but for 10 weeks I and 3 other friends have been helping out . Several times people have brought bikes in with a malfunction in the rachet mechanism of the shifter - and it...
  9. el Ingles

    Trafalgar Day 200

    As some of you may know , today is the 200th aniversary of the battle of Trafalgar : when 27 ships of the British navy fought a navel battle against a combined fleet of Spanish and French warships . The British won a decisive victory , sinking 22 enemy ships with no loses to themselves (...
  10. el Ingles

    child molesters

    as , according to the experts , each child molester has an average of 197 victims before being caught ( a university student of about 24 was recently arrested and admitted to raping more than a 100 children ( babies???? ) then it has always seemed unlikely that Michael Jackson was guilty because...
  11. el Ingles

    Slicks and tread .

    Don´t know how many people saw the moto gp race from Estoril in Portugal but you would have seen people riding 200 + bhp bikes on slick tyres in the rain - Carlos Checa ( Ducati ) discribed the experience of 300 kph in these conditions as " interesting " , which sounds like the understatement of...
  12. el Ingles

    options for very low gears

    While the standard system of 52 / 39 is fine for many if you live in more mountainous areas or are not that strong then you may want lower gears than this will provide . I will use the english system of gear calculation as it´s easier to compare one combination to another with a fast easy...
  13. el Ingles

    What the reviews and adverts don´t tell you .

    If you race this advice isn´t for you . Now those of you that just ride for fun can explode a few myths with me . WEIGHT : this doesn´t matter over much , how many of us out there can´t lose 2-3 kg with a little will power in a manner that will not cost an arm and a leg like a new bike ; if...
  14. el Ingles

    breakages ?

    Don´t know how many have seen this but we´ve had at least 2 stems part company from the bikes to which they were fitted , Hasselbacher and Heras , what we don´t know is ; did the stem it´s self break or was it the carbon sterrer ( upper part of the fork ) that failed - both stems being aluminium...
  15. el Ingles

    heat kills

    A couple of days ago a 48 year old man died of heat stroke while out cycling in the south of España , at the time of death , 13:00 cet the temperature was well in excese of 40 C . Don´t let this happen to you , stay out of the sun between 12:00 and 16:00 cet . A good sun block can also help...
  16. el Ingles

    product reviews

    Have you noticed how when you read any of the cycling press they always seem to be reviewing the most expensive products ? Now I , like everybody else , likes to see the new goodies but how many of us can afford these things ? I recentlly read a review of a new carbon handlebar and stem -...
  17. el Ingles


    sorry been away , fell and seperated my hip , cracked my knee . Hope to be back at club in a few weeks so will give any replies then .
  18. el Ingles

    where have you been ?

    What happened , I´ve been trying to get this site for about 10 days , anybody else not been able to access / find ?:confused:
  19. el Ingles

    Bush in the national guard

    Ok so .. did he or didn´t he ?
  20. el Ingles

    help for tourists

    If there´s anybody out there that needs info / advice about cycling in Spain contact me . usefull web sites : translate with ( watch out for pop-ups , banners on this one ) have a good one . el Inglés UNION...