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  1. numminummi

    Heavy breathing

    I've been noticing that many top riders seem to breathe real heavy when of the bike - almost sort of snoring. Any explaination for this, or is it just a coincidence?
  2. numminummi

    Aero difference between 46mm and 58mm Reynolds

    Hi! I was wondering how big the difference is between the AERO 46 and AERO 58? I ride in Denmark where the races are often decided in the cross winds. My biggest force as a cyclist is to sprint, so i'd like to go with the 46 tubular model (58 doesn't come in a tubular model) if the aero...
  3. numminummi

    CTL for Masters

    Hi! I myself am a conti rider. I hit a CTL of 135-140 - made up from specific training - when i'm in my best shape. Next year I will be coaching some masters athletes. Any masters out there who have some personal experience with CTL and hitting top form? My thoughts are that CTL does not need...
  4. numminummi

    Best body fat measurement using calibers

    Hi! There are many different body fat calculation methods out there - eg. YMCA. The results of the different methods are very dependent on where to fat i distributed on the body. Which is most accurate for cyclist?
  5. numminummi

    power nap after workout

    Hi! What is your thoughts on a short nap after training for recovery purposes. Something like taking a shake and them napping for 20-30 min?
  6. numminummi

    Self massage tools

    Hi there.. Any good tips on tools for self massage on the legs?
  7. numminummi

    Last weeks before Nationals

    Hi! I'm now two weeks away from the national road race championship. The race will be 200 kms mostly flat. The sunday before there will be a 'practice' race similar in length and course. This weekend I will be racing both sat and sun. The races will be 150 kms. After a peak in mid may I...
  8. numminummi

    Calorie deficit and carb storage

    Two questions; 1. What effect does dieting have on your carbohydrate storage? - eg. during a 500 cal deficit with 1-1,5g protein/kg, 0,75-1g fat/kg and rest carbs 2. What is the common advise on cal deficit when one has to loose weight during season?
  9. numminummi

    Strength Training for Sprint Performance

    Hi! I just made it on a team for next season, mostly because of my sprint performance this year. My role is going to be either as a lead out for this seasons sprinter or if I prove to be stronger I might be chosen as the primary sprinter. Obviously I don’t want to disappoint and also have...
  10. numminummi

    Daniels Points vs TSS

    In June i had the best month of my cycling 'career'. I hit PB on 5, 10 and 20 mins and finished in top 5 for 6 races in a row. Then i had a one week break in early july and after that started a 3 week build for the late season in aug. However i was not able to hit the same numbers at all, so i...
  11. numminummi

    2,5 min VO2max intervals

    My coach have told me to do 4-5 2,5 min intervals with 2,5 min rest to target VO2max. From what i've read in books this duration is however too short to target VO2max. To quote Coggan "if there is another "no man's land", I'd put it at whatever intensity you can maintain for ~2 to ~3 min. Unless...
  12. numminummi

    Recovery after crash

    Yesterday i crashed down a mountain and fell hard on my right knee. Other than that it only gave a lot of nicely peeled skin. The x-ray showed no fractures but the doctor still told me to take 1-2 weeks of the bike and then start slowly. But, if there are no fractures wouldn't it be okay...
  13. numminummi

    Colorfull ladies bike

    I'm looking to surprise my mom with an upgrade from her old trek alu bike. I know she wants a bike that has lots of color on it - something that really looks like a ladies bike. The budget is 1500-3000 $ for the frame. Any ideas? Thanks!
  14. numminummi

    Moving Average Power

    Hi! I've attached my power zones for the first race of the season. As you can see the time in the anaerobic and neuromuscular zones are very high because of the many jumps. From that it would be easy to conclude that it was a very high intensity workout. I do, however, remember that...
  15. numminummi

    FTP to 5MMP Ratio

    Hi! I remember having read some guys arguing that the ratio of FTP to 5MMP indicate whether one should be working SST/L4 or VO2MAX. I know there is not any cut-in-stone answer to this, but do some of you have a rule of thump? Thanks!
  16. numminummi

    New Training Paradigm

    I've been reading a fair amount on the following forum where a very different form of training seems to be the norm. Most riders on the forum support this kind of training and there are some persuasive testimonies. Basically it is about cutting all L2 to be able to do more high L3/L4 as those...
  17. numminummi

    Cycling College

    Hi! I'm an economic student in Denmark finishing my bachelor this summer. I'm considering to take the first year of my masters degree abroad (USA or AUsssss). However I would like to find a place where I could combine it with my cycling. I'm riding cat2 - hopefully upgrading this season...
  18. numminummi

    Managing CTL on Training Camp

    Hi! Though being able to find a lot about CTL/TSB on the search noting seems to concern training camps. On march 31st till april 7th I will be off on training camp. My first two B priority races are the following weekend. Today my CTL is 102, and hope to have it around 110-15 by the...
  19. numminummi

    Research on recovery rides

    I have been searching around the forum and google, but canøt seem to find any research on whether recovery rides really have the effect they are supposed to. Anyone have research on the subject?
  20. numminummi

    Way to Cat1

    This is my second year of riding. In my first season I made it in to B (Cat 2 I think) and got half the number of points to get in to A (Cat 1). Coming from explosive sports my force have been sprint and shorter durations <2 min. As you can see on my numbers below FT is clearly my weakness...