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    Special Request: Chain Cleaning And Lube Video

    Could one or more of you experienced folks consider posting a YouTube video showing how to do chain cleanings and chain lubes? Yes, I know there are plenty of them already on YouTube, but I wonder how you, the members of Cycling Forums, take care of this task. I wonder how you folks deal with...
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    Anyone Using The Kona Wo?

    Is anyone riding a Kona Wo? Particularly in a very urban environment? I'm interested in what you think of the bike, especially the 2014, 2015, and 2016 models. Thanks Bob
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    New Forum Software Being Used?

    I suddenly got 9 emails one after another from a forum user named FrancisBum who wanted me to visit his online betting parlor. When I went to the cycling forums website, though, I couldn't see any trace of FrancisBum's post, so I am guessing your antispam software kicked in and automatically...
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    Winter Overshoes

    I'm thinking of ordering "Louis Garneau Neo Protect II Shoe Covers" online, from Performance Bicycle. It got 12 reviews and a pretty good score. Is anyone out there using these shoe covers? Hopefully size XL fits over size 11 Keen cycling shoes, perhaps with room to put toe covers on under the...
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    Riding In Snow

    Anyone have advice about riding on a road with at least a partial coating of snow, ice, and/or slush with the usual salt chemicals that sanding trucks spread around? Thanks a ton Bob
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    Usefulness Of Personal Weather Station

    While not strictly "cycling equipment", I wonder if anyone out there has a personal or home weather station of the kind suggested by Weather Underground? Does it help one decide whether to ride on a given day, when to ride that day? I've been toying with the idea of getting one. Thanks Bob
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    Front Brake Adjustment Advice Needed

    I just did a chain lube which to my shame is only the third chain lube I have done this season. To get the bike on my work stand required taking the front tire off. This is a brand new Schwalbe tire and the tire sidewall is a little too wide for the brake calipers, even when they are released...
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    Waba Cider Ride, 2015-11-14

    I participated in the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) Cider Ride event yesterday, taking the longer 47 mile route, and it was a lot of fun. The winds gusted and temperatures were on the cool side in the morning. I learned a lot just from observing what the other riders wore. (Are...
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    Good Brand Of Cycling Shoe Covers

    So "Gore Bike Wear Road Overshoes" will start to tear apart after just a couple uses. Given the USD $55.00 price, they should be able to survive. Perhaps there is a reason why Nashbar sells them, and I just discovered it. Still, overshoes should survive very bad treatment. After all, they go...
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    Flat Tire At The Workplace

    I finished work for the day and headed to my bicycle, which is in the employee parking garage, just inside the garage entrance. I get the bike into the exit ramp and go approximately 4 feet and suddenly the front tire goes flat. It took me 4 hours to fix that flat tire. All of it thanks to my...
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    Who Don't Cycling Tights Have Zippers?

    Hello friends! My 22 mile ride yesterday in rather cool Maryland reinforces my need to purchase cycling tights. I have a question, how come they don't seem to have zippers? I suppose I just push everything down my butt when I need to pee? Thanks a ton Bob
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    Good Cold Weather Gloves, Jerseys, Tights, Booties?

    This morning I froze myself riding to work. It was like 6-ish a.m. and my were my fingers cold from the low temperatures and the wind. I actually stopped to jam my hands on my belly and warm them. I was not too pleased to discover that my brand new Endura booties are just too small. I think I...
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    Cold Weather Bike Storage

    If the next morning's ride will be cold: is it better to store a bicycle inside a heated space (like my utility closet) or is it better to leave it outside, but covered with a tarp? I should think storing it inside a heated area is a lot better, but once I'm riding outside, won't the bike frame...
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    Finding Start Location Of Strava Ride

    I just signed up as a "free" member of Strava. I want to duplicate another person's ride. Forgive my innocence, but how do I find the exact starting point of some other person's ride? I see the ride route listed on my iPhone, no problem. But how do I find the precise spot where this person...
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    Bike Fit Happiness

    I had a professional bike fit today at my local bicycle shop and I'm really pleased with it. Now to do some miles and see if my cycling improves. I think it will. Bob
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    Prescription Sunglasses

    Tomorrow I have my annual eye exam in the morning. The doctor will likely give me a new corrective lenses prescription. As soon as I recover from my eyes being dilated I want to order prescription sunglasses. I know there was a thread about prescription glasses a few months ago and I will check...
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    Anyone Using The Garmin Varia?

    Is anyone using the Garmin Varia? If so, what do you think of it? Bob
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    Suggestions For Quality Bicycle Magazines

    What are the better quality bicycle magazines out there? I wonder if there are higher-quality alternative magazines -- alternatives to Bicycling, I mean. What do you folks read? Thanks a ton Bob
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    23 Miles, But Some Left Knee Pain

    I did 23 miles of riding today, which I think is a good practice ride, but the right edge of my left knee started hurting towards the end of the ride. I think it is because I've been using sandals for a lot of my riding lately. (Bob averts head, gazes at floor in red-faced shame.) Sometimes my...
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    Brrr! Cold Morning Ride!

    This morning I cycled to work in perhaps 55 degree F temperatures. Even with a long sleeve base layer and arm warmers I felt pretty cold on the ride. Somewhere in this house I have pull on leg warmers, if I can't find them I'll order some from Bike Nashbar. Bob