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  1. Eldrack

    Should I care about fat utilisation?

    One of the adaptations to endurance exercise (specifically sub maximal L2/L3 stuff as opposed to L4 or higher where you burn mostly carbs) is the increased ability to oxidise fat as opposed to carbohydrates. Lots of studies have been done into this and demonstrate that endurance training...
  2. Eldrack

    TSS from a run

    TSS from a run is meant to be calculated as (NGP/FTP)^2 * 100 * S / 3600 which is essentially the same formula as cycling with normalised power replaced by your normalised graded pace. Isn't running harder on your body though? 2 hours at 70% of my 1hr speed will leave me fairly fatigued...
  3. Eldrack

    Racing season is beginning!

    So I know we've had some warmup races (literally given that they're in Australia/Oman/Qatar and the south of Europe) but the real racing calender kicks off with the Omloop yesterday (1.HC) for the classic races and Paris Nice on the 6th for the stage races. So now we can all stop talking about...
  4. Eldrack

    Strongest Tour field in years?

    I was just having a look at the top 20 of this years Tour De France so far and honestly, the pedigree of the field is pretty damn good. 1 Andy Schleck: 2nd place TdF finish. 2 Alberto Contador Velasco: 4 GT wins. 3 Samuel Sánchez Gonzalez: 2nd at Vuelta, Olympic gold 4 Denis Menchov: 3 GT...
  5. Eldrack

    Renshaw out for headbutting

    Disqualified from the race for headbutting in the run in to the finish. It'll be interesting to see if Cav can win any more stages without Renshaw, that man really is the best leadout artist in the world.
  6. Eldrack

    Tour de France Prologue: Rotterdam (8.9km)

    So! The Tour de France is upon us! This years prologue: Tour de France 2010 - Stage by stage Flat with the exception of a few bridges. Only a couple of tight bends but I think the roads are fairly wide as Wiggins has said he'll only have to brake for one corner! Could be quite windy, chance...
  7. Eldrack

    Who's going to win the green jersey?

    So, similar thread to the who's going to win the overall. With Boonen and Haussler out who do you think has it in their legs to be not just fast but also extremely consistent over the 3 weeks. After all, Cavendish was easily the fastest man at last years Tour but Hushovd beat him by being more...
  8. Eldrack

    Touring and CTL

    I'm not entirely sure what my CTL is but I'm fairly certain it's less than 100. In August I'm doing Lands End to John O'Groats in 2 weeks which will mean at least 4 hours on the bike per day for 14 days. Now even if you cycle for 4 hours at 40% of FTP (walking pace :p) you're still going to...
  9. Eldrack

    So who's going to win Le Tour?

    So, not long to go until the Tour de France kicks off. We've seen all the top contenders in action in either the Giro, Dauphine or TdS. Who do you think is going to take this one home? Edit: My bet is Contador. I really want Wiggo to win it but I think he'll do well if he makes the podium. 1...
  10. Eldrack

    Most boring TdS ever.

    Seriously, worst course ever. But still, even with the easy uphill finishes and lack of climbing meters compared to normal how the hell did a big fat time triallist with no ability to climb win? If anything Crans Montana should have sent Canc out the back like a rocket. Blood passport is going...
  11. Eldrack

    Kloden is going down Ouch. Looks like T-Mobile was dirty all the way up to 2006. Didn't people round here claim they where clean for a while?
  12. Eldrack

    Amstel Gold Race

    First of the Ardenne classics this sunday. Easiest of the three races so possibly the hardest to predict. I think the contenders are as follows: Cunego, Horner, Valverde, Rodriguez, S Sanchez, Gesink, Dekker, Kirchen, the Schlecks, Rebellin, Nibali plus a few others. So, out of this select...
  13. Eldrack

    Lefevere threatens to sue!

    Lefevere threatens to sue AFLD if Schumacher isn't prosecuted within two weeks: One day later and AFLD say everything is moving along nicely: Schumacher is being a...
  14. Eldrack

    Aero Savings.

    Cyclingnews just produced a nice article on the relative savings of various bits of aero equipment. Not enough data to be statistically significant but it gives you a rough idea of how much each watt you save costs...
  15. Eldrack

    Because someone has to say it

    Ok, before anyone else comes out with this I will. The British track team dominated the olympics (hell yeah) and are now beating the **** out of everyone in Manchester at the first track event of the year. Any road team that exerted this level of dominance on their opposition would be accussed...
  16. Eldrack

    2008 Vuelta : Stage 7 : mountains!!!!

    Yeah, the mountains have come! And quite early in the race as well to stop us all falling asleep which is nice. None of the climbs are particularly steep but they are fairly long so I think we could see the old scenario of one team sitting on the front and driving the pace until most of the...
  17. Eldrack

    Tour de Suisse stage 2

    Second stage, first mountain top finish at Flumserberge. Will be good to see which of the TdF contenders who have gone to Switzerland are in climbing form. Two easy climbs, and then a 950 metre gain at about 9% to finish with. Should be fun :). I'm going with Cunego for the win.
  18. Eldrack

    Milram fire Astarloa

    For 'irregularities' in his blood passport data. Guessing something like his heamocrit going up during the course of a grand tour? That's always very suspicious.
  19. Eldrack

    Climbing and power to weight ratios.

    Ok, first to set up an illustration of what I am trying to get at. We have four riders, of weights 55, 60, 65 and 70kg. They each have a bike weighing 7kg (around the UCI minimum weight) to give total masses of 62, 67, 72, 77 kilograms. Now we find some hills with constant gradients of...
  20. Eldrack

    Millar's bike throw