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  1. Pendejo

    This is NOT shameless self-promotion!

    Because I am ashamed! But even so, here's what my dog did while I was out biking: Small Dog - Genevieve
  2. Pendejo

    I quit Ferraris because they are too expensive!

    $225,000 for a lousy car? And the engine makes a lot of noise, it gets lousy gas mileage, and forget carrying anything larger than a small money bag. Screw it, I'm going back to Porsches.
  3. Pendejo

    Racing photos?

    I'd love to see photos of some of you studs in action. Here's one of me (I hope this works), in a recent time trial. If it appears that my wheels are off the ground, it's because they were: I've found that you go faster that way.
  4. Pendejo

    Lance's TT bike

    I took a training ride with it this afternoon. Yes, it's fast!
  5. Pendejo

    Winter riding in balmy Florida

    I went for a training ride this afternoon. It was 50 degrees and extremely windy. I dressed warm and fully expected to get too warm after I got going. That never happened. When I got back after twenty miles I hadn't sweat at all. Now, at 1 AM, it's hit freezing. I just thought all you...
  6. Pendejo

    A vote for sweet-spot training

    I've been competing in and training for 5K and 10K time trials for the past six years. I've experimented with different training regimens, and after making lots of progress the first year or two there has been improvement but not as much as I had hoped or expected. Early this year a paved bike...
  7. Pendejo

    Squirrels and other road hazards

    I've hit a stopped car and gone down, and I've hit a raccoon and gone down. Next up is a squirrel. I now train on a paved multiuse trail, and it's perfect. Except for the fact that every now and then a squirrel comes running out and across the path. I've had very near misses twice this week...
  8. Pendejo

    Need New Training Bike Recommendation

    Hi all. My ten-year-old Cannondale training (road) bike has finally accumulated enough minor annoyances that I need to put it out to pasture. I race TTs only, and all my training and racing is on the flat ground of Florida. I'd like to spend somewhere in the vicinity of $1500, give or take...
  9. Pendejo

    Good idea or bad?

    My bicycle pump (a "Joe Blow") is very hard to pull off the valve stem after inflating a tire. It's so bad that I've blown a few tires trying to get the pump off the stem. I've thought about putting some vaseline on the valve stems to help the problem, but I don't know if getting vaseline into...
  10. Pendejo

    What about this training method?

    Let's say I now average 24 mph for 10K TTs, but my ultimate goal is to be able to average 26 mph for that distance. And let's say that I can now maintain 26 mph for only 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile. So today I went out and did nine repeats, where I got up to 26 mph and held it for as long as I could...
  11. Pendejo

    For a healthy balance of energy efficiency and performance

    We take energy from exhaust and recycle it.
  12. Pendejo

    Horrible photo and story
  13. Pendejo

    Persistant dedication (or insanity)

    I thought some of you would enjoy reading about a friend of mine, who has not missed a single day of running in 33 years! (the following article was written in 2000):****-vincent.html **** has a unique way of dealing with those times when you're totally...
  14. Pendejo

    Self-styled motivation

    I've got three of my own sayings that seem to help me get through the rough spots in training: If you're not straining, you're not training. (Some of you don't seem to agree with this, but I can't believe anything else.) If you're trying to build your endurance, you must endure. (There are...
  15. Pendejo

    Lifting weights and Body Fat Percentage

    I can't believe how quickly lifting weights has an effect. I've got one of those scales that also measures body fat percentage, and although I'm sure it's not very accurate in absolute terms, it is useful to track changes over time. I was measuring in the 16% range up until about a year ago when...
  16. Pendejo

    Wheel drops out - I drop down

    I can't believe this one myself. A couple of weeks ago I had my bike in the shop for a few minor things, including truing up the rear wheel. I've ridden it several times since then. Two days ago I was starting out on a ride and was stopped at the light at a busy intersection. The light went...
  17. Pendejo

    Patching tubes

    This has probably been covered here before, but I'll ask anyway. I've never tried patching tubes after I've gotten a flat, but I've had three flats in the last two days and now I'm thinking I should give it a try. Are the patches reliable?
  18. Pendejo

    I wiped out a peloton today

    This afternune a bunch of ciklists ran into my front bumpher becaus they are to stupids to see me come on up onto them. I don't stop becaus I no think anyones is dead, just hert maybe so. Now I reach home and observing that many dentz into my front car. How can I make the stupids paying me for...
  19. Pendejo

    Sciatica from biking?

    I've been plagued intermittently with a lower back ache, on both sides, from the lower back into the top of the butt(ocks). I've been unable to connect the onsets with anything in particular and I've been trying to ignore it. Today I did some internet research, and oh oh, the locations are where...
  20. Pendejo

    Bamboo Bikes!