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  1. jk9270

    Strava Fitness And Freshness Vs. Training Peaks

    Does anyone know if there are significant differences between Strava's fitness and freshness measurement and the CTL/ATL calculator that Training peaks uses? Sorry I can't think of the name for training peaks measurement.
  2. jk9270

    best apps for Wahoo Kickr

    I recently pulled the trigger and had my shop order me a Kickr trainer. It should be here Monday. Trouble is there are so many options for software. I wanted to see what others are using and rate the pros and cons of each. I would like to shorten the learning curve and get the most out of my...
  3. jk9270

    Help with training peaks

    I'm having a problem with either my software or my computer. When I try to import a file from my Garmin 705 a new window pops up and says Training peaks has ecountered an error and is shutting down. I have been using this software for over a year with no problems, and now this happens. Any...
  4. jk9270

    gpx files from the tour

    Does anyonr know if Garmin or any of the other teams will be posting gpx files from the tour? If so where would they be?
  5. jk9270

    sustainable ctl

    So I've been on Training peaks for about 8 weeks now. My CTL is 82 as of this afternoons ride. It has been going up 8-10 points per week. I think there is going to have to be a time when it hits a ceiling. What have you guys found to be a sustainable level without losing motivation or getting...
  6. jk9270

    How do you delete part of a ride file?

    I just finished down loading a ride into WKO. I guess I must have left the Garmin on before the ride because there is about 6 hours of "ride" in the file that are screwing up the numbers. For example the TSS is over 700 for the ride. First, I want to delete the first six hours of the ride...
  7. jk9270

    Sombody explain "super days"

    Today I had one of those, maybe twice per year days, where I felt like I could push any gear and go as fast as I wanted. I think everybody has experienced this, but I have never heard anyone try to explain it. Does anyone have any idea what makes these days happen, or how I can make it the...
  8. jk9270

    Are there any moderators on this forum??

    What is with all of the stupid ads on this once useful forum?
  9. jk9270

    Glossary of terms

    Can some one fill me in on all of the acronyms thrown around in the power forum. I'm ok with FTP, and a few others but as a new guy to the terms a little glossary that I could print out would be a big help. That or a link to a site with this info. Thanks