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  1. Roadrash Dunc

    M-SR Spoiler

    Pettachi by the proverbial country mile. Fasso did great to get a few riders to lead out with about 200 to go , every other team failed to get their sprinter in a good position.A few got boxed in due to this but no one stood a chance today with Pettachi on this form. Friere got boxed but didnt...
  2. Roadrash Dunc

    Vuelta spoiler 12th Sep

    Hamilton has blown with still half a 3rd cat , a 2nd cat and HC climb to go. The field is looking battered all over but Hamilton looks especially bad :(
  3. Roadrash Dunc

    Vuelta ITT (spoiler)

    Good job Tyler , taking the TT by 18 seconds ahead of Landis. With Sevilla falling by the wayside , Tyler will be sole team captain now with all of Phonak behind him in the mountains coming up. Ive really got my fingers crossed Tyler can nail his first major tour win in 2 weeks time with this...
  4. Roadrash Dunc

    No Tyler in the Vuelta? :( :(

    Checking Eurosports website : I cant see his name on the Phonak team. is this teamsheet incorrect ? Its gone up in the last 24 hours.
  5. Roadrash Dunc

    Landis leaves USPS for Phonak. Cofidis after Sevilla
  6. Roadrash Dunc

    Carb/calory intake whilst riding?

    Hi , i weigh 155 lbs and relatively lean (not sure my % body-fat ,still looking for somewhere to have that measured) but am unsure how much to eat whilst out on a ride. Whats the magic number of carbs/calories to consume per hour of riding per lb of bodyweight? Do i need to get special low-fat...