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  1. ed073

    Stu's shoes...

    Can anyone tell me what those funky looking shoes O'Grady was wearing in the madison are? New model form his longtime sponsor, Carnac?
  2. ed073

    blatantly parochial Aussie 4000m TP thread!!

    world champions x 3, world record holders and now Olympic champions. You little bewdy!!!!!
  3. ed073

    Nike ad

    how good is this??!!! (Sorry if you've seen it....things take a while to filter through down under)
  4. ed073

    road bike position

    I just read this on should be made a sticky to help everyone who posts "Need help with position" or "How do I work out saddle height".
  5. ed073

    Popovych to Discovery Channel in 2005

    Just read on this might be happening....anyone know more? Links?
  6. ed073

    Drugs in Australian cycling

    not a bad read....
  7. ed073


    Beloki, La Boulangere......big problems. Did they pay him too much?
  8. ed073

    Florian Rousseau

    Just a quick post to lament the end of one of the most glittering track racing careers. From Kilo champ in Norway in 1993 to yesterday's low-key departure from the sport in Melbourne, Florian Rousseau has been an absolute icon of professionalism and sportsmanship with a palmares few could ever...
  9. ed073

    Lance's shoes

    I've been following Lance's progress towards the Tour at the Tour du Languedoc-Roussillon and noticed something about his footwear.....does anyone else think his Nikes this year bear a striking resemblance to the 2004 Shimano Dura-Ace road shoe? The buckle and velcro straps appear identical and...