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  1. John M

    Slipstreamz--is this for real??
  2. John M

    Need suggestions for a waterproof backpack

    I commute to work by bicycle (and sometimes run to work) year-round here in Seattle and I carry my work clothes in a backpack (I use of a backpack rather than panniers as I want to use the same bag cycling and running so I don't have to transfer stuff bak and forth from panniers to backpack). I...
  3. John M

    Campagnolo cassette question

    Anybody used a 1st position Campagnolo cassette cog in the 2nd position? I want to get a 12T cog and create a 12-23 custom cassette out of 13-26 and 13-28 9s cassettes that I have laying around. I can't see why it wouldn't work--just wouldn't need a spacer between 2nd and 3rd position...
  4. John M

    BB length for 1998 Chorus double crank???

    Anybody know the recommended BB length for a 1998 Chorus 9s double crankset? Is is the same 102mm as the more current square taper doubles? Thanks.
  5. John M

    Crank bros pedals--Does a platform matter?

    I'm thinking about trying the Crank Brothers pedals. Does having a platform matter or are the basic Egg beaters sufficient?
  6. John M

    Speedplay cleat question:fore-aft adjustability

    Question for long time speedplay users. Does anyone know if the newer snap shim cleat baseplate offers more fore-aft adjustability than the older cleats or is it the same? I have a new pair of Specialized road shoes, and the problem is that I cannot get the slimline cleat to mount far enough...
  7. John M

    Campagnolo 07 preview link
  8. John M

    Miche Cassettes--any good??

    Campagnolo afficionados--have any of you tried the Miche cassettes? I am beginning to see them available more in the US and a bit cheaper than Veloce. Any input on their quality/performance would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. John M

    Shimano front QR skewer recall

    I saw this on cyclingnews: Shimano recalls front skewers Shimano American Corporation has identified a "potential safety issue" regarding...
  10. John M

    Converting triple to a double?

    Anyone here ever converted a triple crankset to a double by removing the inner chainring and using a shorter BB spindle? Just a thought that I have about making use of some parts I have laying around.
  11. John M

    Chainring size question for the physicists/engineers

    OK, there has been a lot of debate around here recently about crank arm length and numerous separate discussions on compact cranksets. I have a a question for the mathematically inclined among you: For a given crank arm length, does chainring size matter if the ratio of chainring to cassette...
  12. John M

    New SRAM Road shifter info released

    Velonews has an article describing the single-lever shifting on the upcoming SRAM road group.
  13. John M

    For all you Dura-Ace lovers
  14. John M

    Anyone friction shifting 9sp or 10sp?

    I am gradually upgrading a nice older steel frame but can't afford to buy the whole drivetrain all at once. I would like to initially upgrade everything but shifters to campy 9 or 10 and get the ergo levers when I save more money. Anyone have any experience with friction shifting 9 or 10 sp...
  15. John M

    9/10 chainring/chain compatibility

    Will the Campy 9sp chainrings accomodate a 10 sp chain? I have a 8/9 sp triple crankset and want to run Campy bar-end shifters (that only come in 10sp). If not, what non-campy chains, if any, can be used with 10sp Campy rear-end and 9sp chainrings. Or is it necessary to replace with a 10sp...