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  1. thecyclist

    Bump an old thread if you think Lance was clean!

    If you think Lance was clean then bump an old thread to show it. If you bump an old thread you admit that Lance won all his tours clean.
  2. thecyclist

    Is Kohl up to no good?

    "Kohl, a 26 year-old Austrian from Klagenfuhrt, waited a long time in the doping control truck and missed the helicopter that could get him off the mountain quickly." "It’s impossible to mask an average dose...
  3. thecyclist


    Valverde wins and takes the yellow jersey. I wonder what happens if he takes the yellow jersey in the TDF? ASO should throw him out then unless they want to look like hypocrites. They know as well as everyone else that he is Valv. (Piti) but maybe he is a better fit (than MR) for the "beautiful...
  4. thecyclist

    Samuel Sanchez.

    Has he even started a race this season? I havn't seen him. Havn't heard anything about him being injured either. Will we see him flying at the TDF? It's apparently his big goal this year.
  5. thecyclist

    Velonews:The Contador fanclub

    Always trying to make Contador look good. Look at their version of Ricco's comments compared to the other two. From Velonews: “Look at Contador — for someone who said he wasn’t fit and that he was at the beach 10 days, he was able to stay with us the entire climb. He’s a phenomenon”...
  6. thecyclist

    We know who will win the last ITT now.

    Leipheimer: "I feel okay, we will see," he told Cyclingnews immediately after the finish of Stage four. "I definitely need some time to...well, I am a rider who usually does well in the third week, when everybody else gets tired." :rolleyes: He said the same of type of stuff in the TDF...
  7. thecyclist

    The Cuban Missile just won stage 1.

    I heard Astana were on a revenge mission trying to win everything to get back at ASO. Too bad for Levi that he couldn't take this stage.
  8. thecyclist

    Man in black spotted on the PR route.

    Who is this guy and will we see him flying tomorrow?
  9. thecyclist

    Couldn't Rock Racing just have started MSR anyway?

    I mean we have now seen that the UCI dosn't really have any power. What were they going to do? Run out there and block the road for Cippolini and Rock Racing?
  10. thecyclist

    Isn't Boonen going to call out Hulsmans in the media?

    Remember Boonen was quick to call out Rasmussen and Vinokourov last year after they were taken out of the TDF? He said that Rasmussen was "not a clean rider" and that "Vino is a dirty cheat who they ought to suspend for his lifetime". But what about his loyal teammate Hulsmans who ran away...
  11. thecyclist

    Now we know why Di Luca, Mazzoleni and Bennati have been so good this year.

    It's because they don't have to be available for out-of-competition testing: Di Luca and Mazzoleni are both clients of Carlos Santuccione a.k.a. Ali the Chemist. He must have all the right connections. Bennati have also been...
  12. thecyclist

    Doping on Cofidis?

    One of their riders was busted for doping in the TDF and now they are dominating the Eneco Tour Astana-style: Prologue ---------- 1 Michiel Elijzen (Ned) Cofidis - Le Crédit par Téléphone 6.09 (49.706km/h)2 Juan Antonio Flecha Giannoni (Spa) Rabobank 0.01 3 Johan Van Summeren (Bel) Predictor -...
  13. thecyclist

    What is Popo on?

    To be able to just ride away from the drug-cheating Landis: Also why is Danielson helping Floyd chase Popo? Go Popoooo! Popoooo!
  14. thecyclist

    Good news for Discovery.

    Christian Pfannberger and his Elk-Haus team won't be allowed to start the Deutschland tour, because they didn't sign the ethical charter. This is good news for Danielson and Discovery as it will save them from further embarrassment.
  15. thecyclist

    Why is Allan Davis still riding?

    In document 23 of the puerto files it says he used EPO and IGF-1.
  16. thecyclist

    Contador not welcome in Italy.

    I just heard on TV that Contador will not be allowed to race in Italy, unless he can convince CONI that he is innocent. The Giro and next years worlds in Varese were mentioned, but it probably applies to all the italien races.
  17. thecyclist

    Maison is lying to the forum.

    It is really House in disguise.
  18. thecyclist

    The dirty manager: Tony Rominger.

    The little rat who is "almost shocked" when one of his clients is caught: Vinokourov Sinkewitz Jaksche These Rominger riders havn't been caught yet: Klöden and the whole Astana team Cadel Evans Who else is managed by Tony?
  19. thecyclist

    CSC riders: Sastre was the real winner. Translated from danish: "Carlos Sastre should have won. I know that he is clean. It would have been a good signal to send." - Nicki Sørensen "When Michael dosn't show his evidence, he is also responsible for mystifying the case. But it is...