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  1. izatt82

    the topeak road morph

    i just bought this pump not to long ago do to pump failure. anyway so far i love this pump has a foot step easily made 100psi i also thought is was pretty light. no regrets on this pump worth every penny i will further update this later on down the road with good or bad. oh and the gauge and...
  2. izatt82

    i keep having flat tires

    okay guys im not for sure if i can really do anything because my flats are becuase of locust thorns if you know what they are then you know my problem. but i think the first way i am going to fix it is find a new trail. any other sugestions oh and im on a road bike just to put that out there
  3. izatt82

    dealing with a head cold

    anybody have sugestions? i have been out of commision for a few days but i think im ready to ride again should i take it easy? be worried about being sick again? anything else i just don't want to make it worst for my self thanks guys
  4. izatt82

    okay i think i figued out why my butt is sore

    the pads in my shorts aren't really padding much they dont cover any of my sit bones. the part that carrys all the weight. are they suppost to be like that? this might be because i have big legs and a big rear but, these were cheaper shorts though too. any sugestions??
  5. izatt82

    did my first 30 mile ride yesterday

    i wasn't for sure how i would do but i wanted to change it up a bit from 2x20s so i figured ahh what the heck i'll ride the whole trail. which is 30 miles round trip felt pretty good im suprised towards the end i could tell my butt didnt like it so much but not bad. i felt good through got in...
  6. izatt82

    HR drop in between 2x20s

    does this number mean anything. finsihed my 2x20 with HR 160 droped to 130 did the next 20 about the same 160 to about 130 135 just wondering if this means anything and can i try to improve something by it . i know hr train isn't perfect just wondering. and i think my max hr is around 195 or...
  7. izatt82

    this weather is just killing my riding

    its like 33 here and 20 mph winds sucks i guess tommorow will be like 50 but still 20 mph steady winds gusts up to 40 man it just to rough for me man i ran in this **** for five years i just dont do it any more end up getting sick and what not
  8. izatt82

    does anybody know what the normal creatin levels are on a drug test

    i was just wondering i took a drug test a while back for a job and the only thing on there i had a question about was it had my creatin levels on there it was 33. anybody have info on if thats normal or ????? i just dont know thanks guys
  9. izatt82

    how far should i be going

    okay what would a good distance for me to be going on 2x20's. i dont have a comp on the computer. so im just looking for a good goal here. that way i have something to push for. oh and this is pretty flat so that will make a differance. i just dont know what a good distance would be no idea...
  10. izatt82

    what is considered over training

    just wondering how much riding to rest i should get? how long should it be between each ride? and any more info that could help get me started. i have a pretty open schedual for the most part i go to college so im tring to work the best training program in i can. thanks guys
  11. izatt82

    anybody use isoprue

    in my involvement in many sports and also the military the only and the best in my opinion for recovery and growth as far as protien goes has been isopure. i love this stuff 50 grams of protien in one serving the chocolate only as 200 calories the vanila is alot less if i remember. just...
  12. izatt82

    newbe to the forum

    just thought i'd say hi getting into road biking for the first time so got a bike dimond back podium 1 rides great. i used to ride mountain and desided to try the other. i guess the only real big deal is getting used to the small seat ouch but it should get better over time. so anyway hello chris