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  1. Darren Pearce

    Cervelo P3 headset size?????

    I am in need of a new headset for my Cervelo P3, it is the alloy model, i think maybe like an 02-04 model maybe, it is silver in colour. i just need some advice on what size etc headset i need, if anyone can help that would be great Thanks again
  2. Darren Pearce

    Garmin forerunner 301 downloading problems???

    ever since i have had this thing, it will not allow me to download the info onto my Mac, it keeps starting the process then drops out all the time??? anyone else with or have had this problem and how did you fix it?? Darren
  3. Darren Pearce

    MAVIC Cosmic Carbone Pro/Ultimate 4 Sale BNIB

    Mavic Cosmic Carbone Pro 2 pairs 1 shimano 1 campag BNIB The shimano rear has done 1 60km race. i used this because my campag had not arrived and i used a converter cassette. The only reason you would know it has been used is the glue on the rim. These are BNIB, have not even had the skewers...
  4. Darren Pearce

    KUOTA Kredo 53cm 4 Sale EC

    Hello I currently have a 2005 53cm Kuota Kredo for sale. I purchased it solely for the running gear to put on my Fondriest Carbon frame. This frame is in Excellent condition, complete with forks and seat post! Black carbon colour and does look a million $ Hopefully someone will want or know...
  5. Darren Pearce

    Record rear brakes on Fondriest Carb level

    Hello, I am at present mounting my record group set onto my Fondriest Carb Level plus, Monumental frame. The rear brake stud does not appear to be long enough to hit reach the nut. I have tried a longer nut, but that is not the issue, it is that the inside of the rear drop out where the nut...