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  1. tumbleweed77

    emotion rollers

    Has anyone had experience with the emotion rollers? does anyone know if they'd work on carpet? do they make a lot of vibration noise? are they even more comfortable than normal rollers? any information along these lines would be helpful.
  2. tumbleweed77

    Knee brace for cycling?

    So I've got a torn meniscus which is the result of a poorly done bike fitting and knee instability. I have taken the measures necessary to fix the bike issues and much of the knee issues, however I still need to wear a brace for patella tracking when I ride. The brace my doctor gave me is a...
  3. tumbleweed77

    Holiday Party Games

    I am planning some party games and was hoping you guys could help me out: 1. what are some good, funny cycling related words for pictionary? 2. Does anyone know of a good gift exchange "right left" story that's bicycle related? thanks!
  4. tumbleweed77

    Trouble with CC-CD300DW cateye comptuer

    I have a CC-CD300DW cateye computer... It's only about 1 year old. I just replaced the batteries and everything but the speed/time works... the cadence works just fine. Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be wrong? I replaced all 4 batteries (yes, they are put in correctly, and...
  5. tumbleweed77

    Broken Wrist

    Hello fellow cyclists :-) I suffered a pretty nasty left wrist fracture back in July and was casted for 9 weeks, a brace for 4 and now i'm 2 weeks into physical therapy. My problem is that my hand is so weak that I can't shift with my left hand.... which makes riding kind of hard sometimes. Does...
  6. tumbleweed77

    recovery for a broken wrist

    i was unfortunate and had a clumbsy moment out in a forest and broke my wrist... I had a complete fracture of the radius and 6 weeks later my doctor identified 2 fractures of the radius on the joint surface. This coming week will be 8 weeks casted... I have high hopes for getting the cast off...
  7. tumbleweed77

    Opinions on cheap schwinn road bikes?

    my boyfriend is interested in getting a new bike... perferably a road bike, under $500... While I've been cycling for 2 years now and ride a scott cr1 pro i don't know much about bikes in this category... ride now he's got his eye on the schwinn seneca at sports chalet for $300... any opinions...
  8. tumbleweed77

    Another knee pain issue... Please help!

    alright... well i've read here that alot of people have pain when running but not when cycling.... i've got the opposite issue... i can run fine, but when i'm riding, i've got a pain that sometimes can be excruitiating... it's partially medial of the knee cap just where the inner quad muscle...
  9. tumbleweed77

    hand and finger problems...

    I have been riding just under 1 year now and just in the past 2 months, i've noticed that my left ring finger joint half way locks after riding for 1.5 hours or so and then stays stiff for the rest of the day... does anyone else have a similar problem.. any suggestions as to making it better...
  10. tumbleweed77

    First Century!

    Well, I guess this forum is as good as any other... In one week, i'll be doing my first century. While this ride is a supported ride, I'm curious to know what people bring with them... food, drink, and other supplies (bike and personal). currently on my list i've got gels and electrolyte...
  11. tumbleweed77

    Cold Air Cough?

    This is my first winter as a cyclist and i've been riding in the chilling southern california mornings (35-45 F) everyday. I've developed this dry cough which i'm guessing is from the cold air irriatating my lungs.... has anyone experienced this as well? i've got a dr's appt this next week in...
  12. tumbleweed77


    I have been trying to find a pair of light weight long fingered gloves as i've been riding in 30-40 degree weather and my hands freeze with just the short fingered ones. my problem is that my fingers are too short to fill adult (either women's or men's) gloves and it annoys me to have 1/2 -1...
  13. tumbleweed77

    Road Rash and Healing

    Well, I had my first tumble over the handle bars at 25 mph onto the street. I was very lucky and only sustained 1 patch of road rash to my forearm/elbow. the center was pretty deep and a week later it's still oozing. I did some research to find some good healing tools and I came across some...
  14. tumbleweed77

    Posterior Knee Pain?

    Hi all... I've been doing a lot of riding in the last 5 months (my entire cycling lifespan) and have been climbing hills at increasing speeds. The last climb i did was quite steep for over about a 5 mile distance and everything felt fine except that i could feel a tightness in my upper calf...
  15. tumbleweed77

    Spoke decorations

    Does anyone remember those colored plastic things you put on the spokes of your bicycle that made noise when you rode? I'm trying to find out if I can still buy them... or any ideas how to make some? thx!
  16. tumbleweed77

    What's your dream bike?

    What's your dream bike? If you could have any bike, which would it be and what makes it special from the others? from brand to color.... let's hear about it!
  17. tumbleweed77

    All about cleaning

    After another thread of mine got turned into chain talk, i thought i'd just start a new one... How do you guys clean your chains? with a brush or with one of those contraptions...? which brands are better (which brushes or which machine)? degreasers, grease....? what is "wax" for? I haven't...
  18. tumbleweed77

    When to buy a new bike?

    I was just curious about when people switch from an entry level bike to a better one.... I've heard that a lot of people tend to buy a bike after 10,000 miles.. At my current average of 200 miles a week, that won't take much more than a year.... yes of course I know I can ride this bike into the...
  19. tumbleweed77

    Chiropractics? or not?

    Just wanted to see what you all thought about chiropractics.... my mom is totally against them, but i'm not so sure.... I permanently damaged a few ligaments in my hip doing gymnastics causing my hip to pop partially out sometimes like when i'm sitting in one position too long ... I've started...
  20. tumbleweed77

    White Bike gets dirty!

    Hi all... I have a beautiful white specialized dulce with white bar tape.... but as all things do, it gets dirty easily.... especially the tape.. do any of you know of how to keep the tape clean or use anything that get's it clean? I was thinking of switching to black tape so it won't show the...