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  1. artemidorus

    Road to TT bike transition advice

    I'm competing in a team TT in a month,and have already worked out a reasonably comfortable position on my road frame with clip ons and a reversed Thomson set-back seatpost (stack 602, reach 412, stem -6deg 120mm, no steerer spacers). My clip-ons are on the 80cm UCI limit, so can't go any further...
  2. artemidorus

    Campag left shifter with Shimano triple MTB FD

    Dear Campag pundits, which of the modern/current Campag left shifters can be used to drive a Shimano MTB FD? I'm talking about the ones with lots of clicks in their full range of cable travel, such as, for example, the pre-'95 Veloce that I'm presently using for this purpose. I believe that I'm...
  3. artemidorus

    Problem with Campag Shifter

    Dear Campag experts, my Campag Veloce left (front) shifter seized up about a month ago, such that it would neither shift up nor down. Some very gentle forcing (about 50% harder than you would normally press to shift) freed it up again, and it returned to working normally. Over the last couple of...
  4. artemidorus

    Campagnolo advice

    Dear Campyphiles, my DuraAce 9 spd right shifter has finally packed it in and I'm thinking of going to the Dark Side, having found that Shimano appears to have utterly abandoned the 9 speed road market at all groupset levels. I need a little advice. Do you think that an 11 speed chain will run...
  5. artemidorus

    Will justice be done?

    Another poor cyclist killed. Let's see whether the legal system fails again to set a punishment that will act as any kind of deterrent.
  6. artemidorus

    A first.

    I saw my first bicycle with disc brakes and a kickstand today. Now I'm waiting for full carbon frame and a kickstand.
  7. artemidorus

    Which torque wrench?

    After a lot of stuffing around trying to get my stem to clamp a composite steerer, I've decided to stop putting off this purchase. Which style, brand or model can people recommend for general bike usage? I want one for smaller torques such as stems, seat clamps and seatposts, as I've never had...
  8. artemidorus

    Brake caliper bolt too long

    The bolt on my front brake caliper is 4-5mm too long for my new fork. Can I get a longer recessed nut, or should I reach for the hacksaw? (I don't have a vice, so sawing steel things is a PITA, not to mention cleaning up the traumatised thread so that I can put the nut back on.)
  9. artemidorus

    Allen key to open NiteRider head?

    I've blown the bulb on my Trail Rat 2, but am unable to find the correct allen key size to open the light head despite having both a "full" metric set and a "full" imperial set. I'm gobsmacked and outraged that these arrogant people seem deliberately to have chosen a key size that noone will...
  10. artemidorus

    RD pivot kit

    I've an old Deore DX RD with a pretty sloppy B pivot - I presume that the bush is worn. Shifting has got pretty imprecise. Does anyone know whether a modern Shimano B pivot replacement kit is like to fit this 1990-1992 era derailleur?
  11. artemidorus

    Aero training wheels for Clydesdale?

    I've just broken my fourth rear wheel on the same bike. 3 were shallow V rims (2 x Velocity Aerohead, 1 x CXP-22), laced 3x with 32 conventional spokes to a 105 hub, and one was an R550. Each wheel bar the R550 broke multiple spokes sequentially, usually trailing drive side. I abandoned the R550...
  12. artemidorus

    Campagnolo cables

    Does anyone know where to get cheap authentic or after-market Campagnolo brake and shifter cables? I'm assuming that I can't simply use Shimano-type cables? (Apologies - a new left brifter is my first Campag bit).
  13. artemidorus

    Bloody phone ads!!!!

    I'm sorry if this has already been addressed elsewhere, but is there no system in place to prevent dodgy marketeers from taking over the group with inappropriate postings? We've got'em going back 2 weeks or more, now.
  14. artemidorus

    DA shifters and cable fatigue

    In the last month, the shifter cables on both sides have fatigued/worn and snapped where they exit my 9spd DA shifters. Is this a common problem? Both had about 9000-10000km usage, ~6000 in my 105 shifters and ~3000-4000 in the DA shifters.
  15. artemidorus

    Just a rant/ no more guilt

    Today I went to my LBS and asked about a bottom bracket. "Certainly", he said, ",I think we have those in stock, I'll just look up the price. Oh, sorry, we're out, we can have one in on Tuesday. I'll knock a little off the price since you're a regular customer". Well, actually, no - it went...
  16. artemidorus

    Shimano "9spd" BB compatibility

    I'm hoping to replace my ailing 105 BB (-5500) with a DA BB-7700, which is listed as being interchangeable with the 5500 on the Shimano front drive compatibility chart. I've heard from a bike shop that the splines on the DA BB are "a little" different from the 105 and Ultegra BBs, whereas I had...
  17. artemidorus

    Road STI shifter with MTB FD?

    Does anyone have any experience with this? Can one simply muddle by (I expect not!). Is there something like a Travel Agent that will increase the cable throw? What about using a lowered road triple FD with an MTB 22/32/44?
  18. artemidorus

    I keep breaking rear wheels - advice?

    I've just broken a spoke on the fourth wheel in two years on my TCR and anticipate a slippery slope of further breakages, as this has happened with all previous wheels. So far: 1st wheel: 32H 105 hub/ generic DB spokes /CXP-22 (best so far, lasted 4000-5000km then started to break spokes, killed...
  19. artemidorus

    spacers with threaded headset?

    I've bought a new threaded cro-mo fork for my old MTB - I needed one with eyelets for a low-rider rack. I find that the steerer tube is quite long and I've always wanted one or two extra inches of bar height (my stem is already as high as it will go). Am I likely to get away with putting some...
  20. artemidorus

    Good wheelbuilder in Sydney?

    Can anyone recommend one?