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  1. john gault

    Any Composters Out There?

    I’m an avid composter, been doing it now for nearly five years. Just curious if anyone else composts and what method you use? When I first started I read many articles online and books from the library. I was undecided on which bin design I wanted to build and was NOT going to buy one from...
  2. john gault

    New York City Bike Lanes

    I never knew that Mayor Koch decided to give up on bike lanes in New York City; I guess he lost that fight. I don't live in NYC, but if I did I would not use those bikelanes (there's a video on this link:
  3. john gault

    Two question about the TDF

    1. If after stage 19 TT Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador are separated by 1 second or less will Sunday still be a ceremonial race? 2. Is it possible for Cavendish to win the green jersey on Sunday?
  4. john gault

    Bicycle Commuter Tax Reimbursement

    It's only $20, but 20 bucks is 20 bucks. I'm just curious if any one participates in this and if you've had any problems collecting the money? League of American Bicyclists * News .
  5. john gault

    Why do they do it?????

    I've always noticed that professional cyclists have a peculiar habit of sticking their tongue out during times of exertion. Not all do it, but an inordinate number of cyclist do it, especially in comparison to other elite athletes; I have not noticed this in any other sport. What's up with...