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  1. rparedes

    RD cable stop in weird location?

    Most road bike frames I've seen have the RD cable stop located on the bottom of the chainstay. I am currently looking at ordering a carbon frame that has it mounted on the chainstay side (I worry it may hit my right heel when pedaling); unfortunately I can not try it since it's overseas...
  2. rparedes

    dumb gearing question

    Assuming same gearing, same wheel circumference on two bikes.... say 50/12 on each, but one has a shorter chain-stay (410mm vs 420mm), the shorter chain-stay bike has a slightly higher gear ratio; correct? Thanks!
  3. rparedes

    FD problem

    Set up: shimano 105; 10 speed; triple. When chain is on first 3 cogs (largest) and middle chain ring, it suddenly shifts to the small chain ring. This happens mainly when going uphill. I've tried adjusting the FD but still happens; not every time but always at an inconvenient time. :mad: Is it...
  4. rparedes

    Internal cable routing problem

    I have a Giant OCR composite where the rear brake cable is internally routed. The ferrule on the cable housing going from tube to brake has gone inside the top tube and now the housing is sliding into the tube also. I guess the ferrule stop has broken. I don't want to pull cable and not be able...
  5. rparedes

    new cycling helmet design for the fashion conscious
  6. rparedes

    Bryton Rider 50

    Anybody using in US? Comments?
  7. rparedes

    FC-r700 compact and Ultegra 6700

    Anybody running R700 compact crank with Ultegra 6700 chain and FD? is shifting smooth?
  8. rparedes

    Ultegra 6700 brakes

    Upgrading one of my bikes to 6700 but need long reach brakes. My current bike has Tektro long reach calipers.... what is the correct brake set to use? Thanks!
  9. rparedes

    Pearl Izumi shorts

    Does anybody know what is the current equivalent for the Pearl Izumi "Slice Ultrasensor" short? I don't think they make them anymore (can't find them anywhere) and I need to replace my current stock....
  10. rparedes

    Cool bike shop

    This has to be one of the coolest bike shops I've seen....
  11. rparedes

    hydration on long rides

    just wondering what people do on long unsupported rides for hydration... say 60 to 100 miles bottles? hydration pack? hydration tablets?
  12. rparedes

    Iphone 4 users

    Just curious about best way to bring the Iphone on a ride (just bought one). Read there are issues with sweat transfer in armbands and moisture transfer and heat build-up when in jersey pockets. Use Ziplock bags? It's been really hot and my jersey is totally dripping wet when I get home and...
  13. rparedes

    New Dura ace pedals

    I just upgraded to Shimano PD 7800 and new yellow cleats (got a great price). I have set the release to the lowest tension setting but I'm having a hard time clipping out. My 105 pedals seem silky smooth on the release but the dura ace seem VERY hard, but I've only had them for a week. Do they...
  14. rparedes

    SRAM Apex and Shimano

    Anybody tried sram apex RD medium cage with 11/32 cassette and Shimano Ultegra STI's?
  15. rparedes

    Saddle fit question

    I have a saddle that I like a lot (it's on two bikes) but have started to run into some fit issues. As I have become more fit and flexible, I have been moving the saddle higher (I'm now in the higher "fit range" of saddle height) and it seems to be working great with one exception: If I leave...
  16. rparedes

    Ultegra 6700

    Are Ultegra 6700 RD and FD compatible with 6600 STI and 105 STI? (all are 10 speed systems) Thanks!
  17. rparedes

    2010 Force or 6700 Ultegra

    I have a fairly new frame that has the older 105; I have test ridden bikes with 6700 and Force and I'm considering upgrading my current group to either one of these two. I don't race but I ride in very hilly terrain and like to go fast. The big question I have is about front shifting: (compact...
  18. rparedes

    SRAM Force trim

    Can't seem to find a clear response (SRAM Force): For double cranks, is there trimming available on both chainrings? Is SRAM Force equivalent to Ultegra or Dura-Ace? Thanks!
  19. rparedes

    shallow drop handlebar

    Looking for suggestions on a shallow drop (125-135mm) but with a standard reach (85-95mm) AL bar. 31.8 clamp size. Most of the ones I've found have a very short reach ( I have the FSA compact-75mm reach)
  20. rparedes

    Anybody tried the Performance STI's

    9 speed or 10 speed. Interested in hearing feedback. Save 20% for 12 Hours on Exclusive Brands - Forté 10-speed Carbon Dual Control Levers thanks