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    Who posted this? HAD to be a joker from this forum. If not we need to track them down get them on here.
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    Rip the front derailleur

    Most pro mountain bikers have been running 1x drivetrains for the last few years. SRAM has posted an eulogy to the MTB FD!
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    Kelly mcgarry If you have not already heard the terrible news, 33 year New Zealand mountain bike superstar Kelly McGarry passed away from a cardiac event during a ride. You may...
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    Bikes and beer.

    I personally love beer, and I love bikes too. Those two interest developed in my life pretty much separately. BUT I have noticed bike culture embraces beer more then any other beverage, they really go hand in hand. I wonder why? Anyone have any insights into this? If not, what's a go-to local...
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    True road bike for a grand usd?

    I'm not talking hybrid/city anything like that. Is it possible to actually get into road cycling for under a thousand dollars?
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    This weekend the biggest event in FMB just passed. For those that don't know it's called RedBull Rampage. Did anyone else watch the action? Winds were really hurting the riders this year but it was another amazing year. Lacondeguy ALMOST made history (again) by being the first back to back...
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    Great Article On Why Driving Is The Worst Way To Get To Work. Confirms what we already know, cars are the worst way to get to work. Bikes just so happen to be the best! Well walking and transit are also pretty darn good.
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    Bevel Gear

    I didn't know where to put this, so I picked SS since I love this sub and it doesn't get much play. This is already pretty popular online right now. Interesting stuff,
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    Brandon Semenuk If you don't know, this guy is an MTB legend in the making and one of the best riders I have ever witness step onto a mountain bike. BUT I got to get something off my chest, he's known as a real ****. Does anyone...
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    I want to add fenders to my commuter. Found two good deals on price point, an Azonic front that looks like a motorcycle style and attaches with zipties and some no-name company (I think it's a Price Points house brand) that's quick release. I have never used fenders, is it okay to cheap out or...
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    In The News Jokes.

    I don't see much love for jokes about world afairs and whats going on in the news. Here is mine. Portugal, Greece, Spain and Italy walk into a brothel. Who picks up the tab when they are done? Germany does!
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    Those Darn Scooters

    In my area we have a problem (Okay more like I and people I know have the problem) with electric scooters. You can buy one for under a grand, and as long as they have pedals you need no license, insurance or other documentation to ride them on public roadways. The scooters typically attract a...
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    Santa Cruz Bikes Santa Cruz has been sold, Pon Holdings picked them up for an undisclosed amount Roskopp is going to stay, so I see this as positive as should only get better...
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    What Is It About Driving That Makes People So Angry?

    I noticed people who might normally be calm can becomes the angriest people ever once they get into a car. I have even been effected by this, I will lose my mind when I drive. Something about being in a car just increases the propensity for anger. The slightest of slight will be taken...
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    Why Exactly Is Doping And Steroids Considered Cheating In Sports?

    I always though that the end goal was to have athletes that can be better than the last, always progressing towards getting better. Better athletes means more attention to the sport, more money for those involved and better results. Why is it considered cheating to dope or use steroids? What...
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    Ghost Bikes.

    Sitting here at work watching the news, I can't belive I only now learned about ghost bikes! SUCH A COOL IDEA. What do you guys think? Am I just getting old and out of the loop? Did Y'all know about them before and what do you think about them?
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    T.o. Tri

    9 hours until the big start! Has anyone been taking part in the festivities at the Toronto Triathlon Festival? It's more than just a race! When T.O. does an event they always do it bigger and badder than the rest. Interested to know anyone who's checking it out and how it compares to other...
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    Best Looking Male Cyclist

    It's 2015 folks, if we are going to have a thread about the best looking female then we have one for the guys too! I vote for Brett Tippie.
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    Uci Wc Dh Leogang - Qualifications 2015

    Live feed of the results, the official results are posted as soon as they come in!
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    Official Uci Highlights Of The Womens Tour Of Flanders If you are more interested in the text version there is a full report link after the video. Borghini FTW!!!