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  1. tx_newbie

    Carbon compression plug question

    Hi. Just picked up a used bike with carbon fork/carbon compression plug. That spring sandwiched between the stem cap/base plate--what is it for, exactly? It seems to just sit between the cap and plate--Is it absolutely necessary to use? What happens if I ride without using the spring...
  2. tx_newbie

    Mavic FTS-L hubs--How durable?

    Pretty good wheels with a rear hub design that has been poor for years. Mavic needs to update it. Thanks. I anticipate use in non-wet conditions (though race-day/training day relative humidity 80-100%). Generally dust free. I figure the annual mileage on the wheelset will be less than 500...
  3. tx_newbie

    Mavic FTS-L hubs--How durable?

    Hi. I'm looking for opinions/experience with the Mavic FTS-L hubs (as found on the Cosmic Carbone). How often do they need to be relubed for general maintenence (how many miles), and how many miles until the bushing needs replacement (or does it)? I'm considering a set of Carbones as a TT...
  4. tx_newbie

    rivnut placement in Houston

    Hi. Does anyone in the Houston area know a bike shop that can cleanly do a rivnut placement for an aluminum road frame? I've called around and most cannot; a few said they could, even though they had no idea what a rivnut is. I'm staying away from those places. Thanks
  5. tx_newbie

    Custom Made Clothing

    Try You can order as low as 6 semi-custom jerseys (multiple online templates) @ $77 each. Shorts are also available. You can always give the extras to those who support your cycling habit... Our club (7 riders) may use them. Good luck
  6. tx_newbie

    No place to hang out...

    Montrose, man. Montrose. That area of Houston is the haven for our GLTG community. It's also known to hold a few drag races...and they ain't NASCAR, either.
  7. tx_newbie

    No place to hang out...

    No place to hang out?!? The TMC skirts Rice Village/Rice Univ, and is close to UH-D. Montrose is close by, and a great place to hang out--independent restaurants and coffee houses, clubs. Also, upper Kirby is close by, and leads straight into UST, which again leads towards Montrose. Also...
  8. tx_newbie

    Has anyone had any experience with Vision Tech Mini Clip-ons

    Hi. I've used them in the past and have been happy with them. For me, their main advantage was fatigue reduction, as I couldn't reasonably stay in the simulated aero position (back low, elbows in, hands near stem) for the whole trial. Also, since these are shorty clip-ons, rhythm and...
  9. tx_newbie

    USAC regulations

    Thanks. I assumed as much, but just some concern. RE: the thomson setback, I actually have the saddle rails forward (effective seatpost angle 79.5) to get into the cockpit--the stem has been shortened to help. I'm trying to work around a frame that is one size too big (I think, based on the...
  10. tx_newbie

    USAC regulations

    Based on personal experiences, how stringent are officials at USAC-sanctioned events (individual time trial) RE: saddle setback and bottom bracket relationships? Talking about CAT 5 level. My saddle tip sits dead center over the center of the bottom bracket, clearly not the 5cm as stated in...
  11. tx_newbie

    Campy Vento vs Xero XR1

    Well, I wouldn't consider the Xero's an 'upgrade' but a 'purpose-driven' switch-out (alittle lighter, alittle semi-aero). As an actual pack-racing upgrade, I am looking at Ritchey Protocols. The Ventos would stay as an everyday wheelset. THanks.
  12. tx_newbie

    Campy Vento vs Xero XR1

    Hi! Does anyone have any experience (personal or heresay...even theoretical) RE: Campy Vento wheelset vs. Xero XR1? My current wheelset (2004 Campy Vento) runs smooth and true, but I'm looking for something abit lighter (hilly centuries and club ITT). I'm trying to stay under $250...
  13. tx_newbie

    So what sex is your bike?...

    Well, I'm a guy riding a WSB--Orbea Onix Dama (53cm w/90mm stem). The "men's" Onix felt too stretched out at 51cm, and I didn't want to drop down to an 80mm stem (as on my current Specialized Allez, 52cm). The 48cm Onix just didn't feel right; not cramped, but inexpicably 'not right' even...
  14. tx_newbie

    (Another) Forte Titan wheelset question

    Hi! Does anyone have any opinions regarding the hubset used in the Forte Titan wheelset? From searching this forum, I understand that the rims are (probably) rebadged Neuvation M28s with a better pricepoint... My specific question deals with the hubset. To me, they seem abit light and...
  15. tx_newbie

    Dented chainstay (pics)

    I have a dented driveside chainstay (cf pics)--Is this frame toast? The dent measures 1.5 x 1 cm in surface area, to a focal depth of 0.2cm; the overall angle of the chainstay still runs "true" and is not visibly compromised on the other side. There are no shears or other visible stress to...
  16. tx_newbie

    Dented or normal

    Yeah, I assumed as much--but I've also managed to get a small, perfectly symmetrical dent on my car, paint intact. Then again, the car dent was perfectly round and shallow (not oblong with a central depression), and on a fiberglass panel...just double checking.
  17. tx_newbie

    Dented or normal

    I've read on this forum about some aluminum frames having a 'pinched' area on the driveside of the seat-tube to accomodate some derailleurs. Is this illustrated in the attached pic? This is a used frame that I would like to build up...assuming it's not broken. Thanks
  18. tx_newbie

    Courage to ITT

    Thanks for the replies/advice so far! The TT is next weekend and I'm going to l scout the route this weekend... For a 20K TT, how stripped down does the bike get? Lose the water bottles, lose the saddle bag (?...there's supposed to be a pick-up van, if necessary); the terrain is hilly, so...
  19. tx_newbie

    Courage to ITT

    Any newer cyclists out there who've ITTed "just because?" I'm not (yet) a card-carrying member of the USCF, and have only been cycling for one-year (1900 miles) but I'm hooked. I definitely plan on TT next year, but a new TT series just popped up locally (small field; 20K, 600 ft of elevation)...
  20. tx_newbie

    Male rider, cockpit reach, WSD

    Thanks for all the input!!! I actually was fitted at my LBS when I got the bike, but I suspect it wasn't a 'thorough fitting' (I had no previous experiences, so I didn't know how I should 'feel' on the bike). A shorter stem was swapped in (80mm) and the saddle height and fore/aft position...