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    Did you Rde today

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    We have all types even sizes of shoes no cycling kits. Check our site at nice shoes for you .com.
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    Wont Be long

    Before they ban me for life. I have multiple accounts so I will be around.
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    Your Favorite Cycling Kit.

    The one you never got.
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    Keep Your KIt

    Campy Bob beats every one up and this site wont honor its giveaways.
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    I won 1000$ On target gift card give away

    I stand a better chance of getting it than the cycling kit I won on cycling forums
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    Guild Wars 2 will be along the way

    Welcome to the forums.
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    How to future-proof your hardware for Windows 8

    Will this help upgrading bikes?
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    I am contemplating replacing the cables on my CAAD 9. I have about 10,000 miles on the bike and have never replaced the cables. Anybody replace their cables regularly? If so at what type of interval are you doing so? Seeing as brake cables serve a life saving purpose I am not willing...
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    Cycling clothing poll

    I noticed the poll has been taken down. Any annoucement on the give away?
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    Confused Driver

    Mods please delete thread
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    Road Trip

    A husband and wife have been arguing all day while out on a road trip. They drive by a farm with a few asses out in the field. The wife ask are they relatives of yours? The husband happily replies yes In-Laws.
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    Rons Retirement

    ADVICE FROM A RETIRED HUSBAND It is important for men to remember that, as women grow older, it becomes harder for them to maintain the same quality of housekeeping as when they were younger. When you notice this, try not to yell at them. Some are over sensitive, and there's nothing worse than...
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    No Charges for Lance
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    Easter Story

    Froze, Alienator and Swampy are out riding in the mountains. Davereo has been out drinking and posting and is driving with one eye open. He happens upon the three cyclist and has a hard time controling his car. Dave is praying that they are not carrying guns because he has no way of not hitting...
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    Stolen Bike This one falls under stupid criminal.
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    Has anyone used Exustar Red 7 Degree Float Look Keo Anti-slip layer Compatible Cleats? I was just looking at them on Amazon and they only had two reviews.
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    Carbon Frame factory replacement

    I have a 2009 Cannondale Synapse Carbon 6. Around four weeks ago I noticed that the seat post would rock back and forth a few mm's. At first I thought the binder clamp was loose and checked it out to find that it was well within spec. I removed the post and clamp and inspected the frame. A very...
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    Lawn Mowing

    People mowing their lawns and blowing all the clippings out onto the roadway SUCK!!!
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    Freewheel body service

    I have a 7 speed mountain bike with a Shimano Mega Range Freewheel. I have been using this bike on my trainer and towing a trailer bike. The freewheel ratchet pawls no longer engages properly. I removed the wheel and the freewheel is free in both directions. If I spin it SLOWLY backwards...