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  1. Paulie-AU

    RR - Murraire Crits, B Grade

    Background Well after plodding around in D Grade a little since deciding I should get my butt back on the roadie (or being told to by Lotte :D ) I had moved up to C-Grade last week for a race. All went well in the C-Grade race and I didn't really have any problems with the speed (39.4ave) of the...
  2. Paulie-AU

    Forget Prados, watch out for other whinge

    Not a major incident but annoying anyhow. Was doing the river ride (anticlockwise) on sunday morning and taking it pretty easy because my damn knee was playing up. (And I am currently fat). Was spinning along nicely after the St Lucia golf club coming up to the roundabout when I was pedalled...
  3. Paulie-AU

    Racing makes you faster and stronger

    I have recently started racing crits of a saturday morning (2 so far) in Cat 2 and have really noticed that my average speeds for my commute (70k all up) have been climbing pretty quickly. This really showed yesterday as I was "taking it easy" due to feeling sick on Monday and Tuesday and...