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  1. ccorrick

    What foods are the staples to a good cyclists diet?

    If you're riding 250-300 miles a week your body will answer you question for you. Anything you can shove in your face!!! :D
  2. ccorrick

    stomach problems when riding

    This isnt' the same problem exactly, but since i found the thread I suppose the correct people will be reading this... I'm having a problem with a gag reflex. If I take a really long hard pull or do anything that tops out my heart rate, just as I'm backing off I start to gag. What gives? I...
  3. ccorrick

    Quick!! give me feedback on a Motobecane Century Team

    Anyone? Gotta make up my mind here :P
  4. ccorrick

    Quick!! give me feedback on a Motobecane Century Team

    Hey all, I found a heck of a deal on one...I have to decide by in the morning!! Kinda got sprung on me suddenly and I just can't find enough info. Currently on a '98 R4000 for reference what I'm used to. ;) Any ideas how stiff this Kinesium/carbon frame is? Anyone have one??? Thoughts...
  5. ccorrick

    Houstonians role call...

    Hey track, It all really depends on how serious you are and how much you are willing to spend. I bought my wife an OCR3. A solid bike for a beginner for sure. Has some little add on features I thought were a bit dorky, but whatever, it works for her. I notice you posting a lot and it sounds...
  6. ccorrick

    Effective spinning? Ideas?

    ROFLMAO!!! I can imagine the look on my wife's face if I tried to hook a bungee to the front of her bike!!! C-
  7. ccorrick

    Effective spinning? Ideas?

    I've been thinking long and hard on that..... My parents are tandem riders, so next time we're up that direction we will be trying it out for sure. Thanks for the tip.
  8. ccorrick

    Help with a slow buddy.

    I'm the total opposite on this one. The faster the group I'm with the more motivated I get. If I get dropped in the first 5 miles, I try to make it 10 the next time. Don't think anyone faster than me would ever "bum me out" it's just pure motivation for me. Guess it would depend on what kind...
  9. ccorrick

    The Gastrocnemius, Hamstring and the Pedal

    At this point I use everything I can. Mostly like you said I pull my heels to my butt while out of the saddle and pull with my arms. Of course, it's usually just the tank that is getting low on me, so I use whatever I can find?!! I understand everything you are saying, but don't really know...
  10. ccorrick


    Seems to be a popular question, with such an easy answer! Just like everyone said "ride more hill". BUT, if they ever do invent a "hill pill' i'd like to try it out :D ;) :0
  11. ccorrick

    best cycling shoes?

    Nice lokstah!!!! I'm in the market also. Going to have to print out that awesome reply and do the research and try ons. Thanks for taking the time for such a thorough reply. I think you nailed everthing I've looked at so far! C-
  12. ccorrick

    First Road Bike - any buying advice??

    I say get what you like. Being new you probably won't feel a difference in the ride. Get the best components you can for the money. It will just be a bit crisper and smoother. Bascially all bikes in a set price range are going to be very comparable so whatever tickles your fancy or catches...
  13. ccorrick

    Bib Question

    Agreed!! Glad you asked :) !! AND never just the bibs. Saw a dude with bibs and no jersey the other day....just pedaling down the road like nothing was amiss!! Had a good chuckle.
  14. ccorrick

    Effective spinning? Ideas?

    Dr.M Thanks for the info tips and info. Some things that popped into my head as I read your post. 1. Yeah, I would not even consider letting her out on her own yet. I'll definatly be riding with her. 2. I'm a masher by nature. I usually run 60-75 and grind it out, so spinning will be a...
  15. ccorrick

    Effective spinning? Ideas?

    Hey guys, I recently bought my wife a bike and she has started riding. She's thoroughly addicted and wants to ride every day. I do not yet want her out on the roads alone, and I haven't even made her change a tire yet. Here's my dilema. She's very new and her fitness level was basically...
  16. ccorrick


    Heat. I had a problem once and the dentist had me try to get rid of it myself first. I managed to do it with heat 4-5 times a day. Get one of those microwave heat packs or the like and wrap it in a damp towel. Also take an relaxer like asprin or whatever you choose. It took me about a week...
  17. ccorrick

    Movies based on cycling
  18. ccorrick

    Update - 10 years off the bike

    Good to hear! I remember posting right along beside you. I'm back on since the last week of November after 4 years off. Like you all the aches and pains are gone.(still fighting a hamstring, but it's better). I'm feeling great. Haven't even bothered with a HR monitor yet, but my resting has...
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    The boudreaux thread

    This thread is what is amusing!! :D
  20. ccorrick


    Thanks Bright! We have Sun and Ski and an REI here. I'll go check that out. Glad to hear it about the Performance stuff. Thought it would be good for a starter type outfit, but it's just not quite up to par. Guess you get what you pay for.