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  1. babybunny

    What's that video that included the guy riding over a suspended chain?

    I remember seeing this video a few months back that included mountain bikers doing all these crazy tricks, with one of them riding over a thin chain suspended between two upright poles (chain fence), a feat (in my mind) of incredible balance. Argg... what was that video again?
  2. babybunny

    Can someone help identify this part on my bike? With pics!

    I've got a 6 year old Diamondback Ascent 3.0 dualie, and I can't for the life of me figure out what this part is. It's located right under the rear brake cable, and pivots up and down only a little ways because the brake blocks much of its movement...
  3. babybunny

    Are front derailler cables for road bikes the same as ones for mountain bikes?

    Are front derailler cables for road bikes the same as ones for mountain bikes? I'm wondering this because all the roadie cables that Performance sells are above $50, while the ones for mountain bikes can be $5.
  4. babybunny

    How do you bunny hop without pedal straps/clipless pedals?

    I've tried and have always failed. I know it can be done because my friend has done it on my bike right in front of me before, wearing tennis shoes and using my strapless, non-clipless pedals. He got about 5 inches of air on both wheels. I just don't understand. Whenever I attempt to do it my...
  5. babybunny

    Know where to get those plastic pantleg protector thingies that go over chainring?

    I commute on my bike and whenever I wear long pants the pantlegs always get caught up in the big chainring. Does anyone know where I can get that plastic thing that goes over the top of the main chainring to prevent the teeth from shredding pantlegs? They're a common thing on k-mart/wal-mart...
  6. babybunny

    How much will LBS charge for truing a wheel?

    I guess my back MTB wheel needs some lateral truing because the brake pads hit the rims in one spot when rotating. Would it be cheaper and more educational to get a spoke tool and attempt to true the wheel myself without a truing stand? I don't know anything about wheel truing other than what...
  7. babybunny

    Who wants a HUG???????!!!

    Huh, huh, huh, huh? Who wants a huggiwy wuggiwy poo??? AIEEEEE!!!! *bursts into a cloud of *****
  8. babybunny

    Rear derailler pulleys no spinning freely. Missing a part?

    I took apart the rear derailler for cleaning for the first time in my life. After cleaning, I lubed the heck out of the pulley wheels and put the derailler back together, but the pulley wheels don't spin freely anymore. Am I missing a part, like a bearing or something? Here's what my setup...
  9. babybunny

    Anyone know where to get those little cable end thingies?

    You know, those tiny metal cylinders that you crimp over the end of a cable to prevent it from fraying... where can I get some? It's the stupid little things that I always can't find.
  10. babybunny

    Please tell me if lower back pain is normal for a new rider...

    As most of you probably know, I'm new at this road biking thing. I went out on a nice 5 mile ride a few days ago and since then my lower back/waist has been killing me. Every time I bend down to pick up something I go "ahhhhhhh...." and literally have to put my hand on my back like an old man...
  11. babybunny

    What to do when faced with an inevitable accident?

    I ride on campus and there's a lot of stupid people here who apparently never understood the logic behind "look both ways before crossing the street." Say that you find yourself going straight for a person, and there's no time to change direction or slow down. A collision is inevitable...
  12. babybunny

    Babybunny almost ran over a girlie **** today :(

    So I was riding down one of my campus roads, keeping to the right side of my lane so faster moving cars can pass me. 100ft: I see a girl on a cell phone waiting to jaywalk across the street. I continue my course because she's not even on the road yet. 60ft: She starts walking out into my line...
  13. babybunny

    Should I upgrade my aging Diamondback to a new frame?

    Hi all, here's my situation. I have a ~1999 Diamondback Ascent 3.0, dual suspension, and weighs in at 30lbs. The 30lbs is definitely preventing me from having fun on this bike. I do not intent to upgrade the components because that wouldn't make sense for such an old bike, but would upgrading...
  14. babybunny

    Is a bike repair stand absolutely necessary?

    I'd like to try to teach myself how to work on bikes, starting with taking apart my own and learning to maintain them. Do you think I really need to plop down $100 or more for a repair stand, or is the floor good enough?
  15. babybunny

    How often does Performance have 20% off coupons?

    Woohoo! 100th post! I've got some stuff that I need to get: Shimano IG 8spd chain: $16 Park Tool PCS-9 stand: $100 Ascent Shop Tool Kit: $40 Cables: $10 Forte Pro SLX Saddle: $56 Wondering if I should wait for a coupon code or buy now. Also, would it be worthwhile to join that Team...
  16. babybunny

    Semi truck scares the poo out of babybunny today :(

    I decided to go on my first semi-longish ride on my road bike today (about 12 miles). On the return part of the trip I was riding on a nice, flat, two-laned country road with no shoulder. Then I heard a noise behind me. **sees semi coming behind me** **focuses back on road** **noise gets...
  17. babybunny

    How "off-road" can you safely take a road bike?

    This question has been plaguing me recently. Ever since I got my road bike I've been trying to stay on pavement as much as I can. I don't even ride on grass because I'm scared for my thin little tires that are so fragile-looking compared to the mountain bike tires that I'm used to using. Where...
  18. babybunny

    Cheap alternative for a Selle Italia SLK saddle?

    Hey, I've heard a lot of good things about the comfort of the Selle Italia SLK saddle. My current stock saddle gave me the numbness in the nether ragions today while on a ten mile ride. I don't think that I can afford the $80 Selle Italia SLK right now. Are there any cheaper alternatives with...
  19. babybunny

    How do you remove rust?

    What should I use to remove rust from an old chain, crankset, and cassette? I asked the LBS if I should replace the parts but he said that it was just surface rust. Hoping to save some money over replacements by de-rusting my parts...
  20. babybunny

    What's the lightest rideable road bike in existence?

    What's the lightest road bike in existence that people can actually ride hard on? Jus' wonderin'