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  1. LouisN

    Real Design wheels: ?????????

    Hi , trying to find people that had experiences with the Real Design super sphere wheels. They look nice, are pretty light and are cheap. That doesn't sound "Real" to me.... Any insights? Thanks, LouisN
  2. LouisN

    What about Mavic Aksium race?

    Are these wheels reliable and durable? They are quite cheaper than Ksyrium Équipe. But is it worth the $100 difference? What's the technical difference between them? Thanks to all, LouisN
  3. LouisN

    Campy Veloce 2002 hubs: Good for 10 speed?

    Hi folks, I am looking to buy a set of wheels to train. They have Campagnolo Veloce hubs (32 sp.) from 2002. Are they 10 speed compatible? Will I have to fit a new cassette? Thanks again, LouisN
  4. LouisN

    What wheel profile...for crits and...?

    Hi there, With all the wheel profiles out there, it's hard for me to follow up since I haven't trained or raced for 19 years(!!!) I'm back at it now but would like to have your advice on what type and profile of wheels to buy. I will mainly train for a maximum time of 2 to 3 hours on short...
  5. LouisN

    Gipiemme grecal parade wheels...

    Thanks a lot, that's the kind of answer I was looking for but wasn't comfortable enough in english to precisely ask. LouisN
  6. LouisN

    Gipiemme grecal parade wheels...

    Does someone have a comment on these wheels? Durability, but mostly performance (smoothness (bearings), and response, etc)? Thanks again, LouisN
  7. LouisN

    Racing level 3 or 4 : Budget group to buy?

    Hi there, I'm doing a little racing in the summer (up here, we can ride from end of april to october) and am doing about 5000 km a year, mostly on flat and small hills. Most of the races are 40 to 60 km criteriums and short road races, 60-80 km. My question is, for around $300., what's the best...
  8. LouisN

    Front derailleur diameter on S-Works E-5

    Hey, thanks to all! J.R. Hawkins for the teaching, gclark8 for the advice, and JGH for bonus answer! ;) LouisN (I'm trying to find pieces to assemble first bike in 19 years! Real puzzle for me now!!! Last bike I had was an Argon 18 SLX full Chorus I paid $900 brand new...Times change!:rolleyes: )
  9. LouisN

    Front derailleur diameter on S-Works E-5

    Just thought the purpose of a place like that was to get CONSTRUCTIVE ADVICE of friendly people with various experience of cycling...:cool: :confused: Not some commentaries I could get from the first pedestrian across the street...
  10. LouisN

    Difference between triathlon and road calipers?

    I have bought tektro rx20g brake calipers. I discovered they were triathlon brakes, or TT. Does that mean they are different than road brakes? Are they fitting 650 c wheels instead of 700 ? If not what's the difference?.... Thanks , LouisN
  11. LouisN

    Tektro brake calipers: Good, fair or...

    Hi there, Just discovered I had RX 20g models! Not Rx40. :( Now I'm totally in the dark. They say these are triathlon brakes. What's the difference between these and road race or performance brakes???:confused: Thanks Eden anyways, from your reviews, I guess I will probably throw them on...
  12. LouisN

    Front derailleur diameter on S-Works E-5

    Hi again community, I would like to know what diameter is needed for clamp on front derailleur on the frame I bought (Specialized S-Works E5 Alu)55 cm. Thanks LouisN
  13. LouisN

    New to forum:How to finish project bike...

    Thanks Pete, But in my area, good bike mechanics are rare, if not non-existing. The THREE times I had small adjustments to make, the part ended up in worst state than it was before. So I will never ask any of them to build wheels for me. That said, I'm looking for the best wheels possible...
  14. LouisN

    Northwave aerator race Ti: Any comments?...

    I just bought Northwave Aerator race shoes. I will be trying them on trainer next week (minus 35 degrees here!!). I was wondering what you guys, gals, were thinking of the shoes. It's the first time I will be riding shoes with the ratchet thing. Always had straps. For now, in the house, they...
  15. LouisN

    Tektro brake calipers: Good, fair or...

    Hi, I bought Tektro rx 40 brake calipers for road racing. Are they worth it ? Will I kill myself riding 3000 mi. a year on those?That much lower end than Shimano or Campy? Is the alloy that much cheaper or REALLY it's a Trademark Thing? Thanks guys and girls. LouisN
  16. LouisN

    New to forum:How to finish project bike...

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. Great place. I started to build a bike last fall. I want to get back into road cycling and maybe a little racing (mostly short but fast criteriums). I bought a Specialized S-Works E5 (used) with RaceFace crankset and a couple more pieces. I would like to have...