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  1. genedan

    11 is Not Enough

    Picture my team's sponsor took while he was at Interbike:
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    Rotor + Quarq

    Hey, does anyone have experience here with Rotor and Quarq? I'm thinking about getting a compact crank with Quarq installed, but it looks like the Quarq model you get is dependent on the chainrings. Do you know if 53/39 chainrings can fit on a 110mm Rotor? If so, can I still use the Quarq that...
  3. genedan

    Cyclist Friend Explains Necessity of $35 socks,18259/ I'm not sure if this has been posted here before since I was away when it was written, but it's an entertaining article. I wouldn't be surprised if the author were a cyclist, too.
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    Ultegra Di2

    Hey, Looks like Shimano's rolling out with a new electric Ultegra groupset... What do you think? At $2690 I'd say it's pretty insane since I remember in high school you could...
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    Cycling and Working

    Hello, after a long, and at times hopeless search for a job after graduation, I've finally landed a job and I will begin my 9-5 life in November. Question: I would still like to incorporate ~15 hours of riding per week, with the possible expansion to 20 hours/week as the start of the season...
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    Contador positive for Clenbuterol Contador has tested positive for Clenbuterol from a July 21 test. He claims that the positive is due to food contamination. It makes me sad that a routine asthma drug could bring him down like this...but it's...
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    The death toll from texting   The numbers here are really unpleasant, but this article sheds light on how much more dangerous the roads have become since the rise in popularity of cell phones.
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    Start your kids from an early age...

    Alright, so back at the Tour of Austin there was a junior criterium. Looks like someone's parents made sure their kid had the latest gear... Lightweight wheels, Di/2
  9. genedan

    Laurent Fignon No Longer Alive

    2-time Tour champion Laurent Fignon dies at 50 - Sports- So it goes. If only you had started balding earlier your ponytail wouldn't have cost you those 8 seconds against Lemond. Rest in peace.
  10. genedan

    Evie Stevens

    Did anyone read this month's Bicycling Magazine story on Evie Stevens? She started as a Cat 4 and in 18 months landed a pro contract at HTC-Columbia, in a Matthew Busche-esque fashion. Can't think of anything negative about her - athletic talent, brains, business savvy, and as far as physical...
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    Hey, I know for TT's that the term for the current leader is called the "hotseat," but I'm wondering... is there's an actual designated chair called the hotseat? During today's stage I kept seeing shots of Tony Martin sitting in the same area with sponsors in the background for about 2 hours...
  12. genedan

    Kash for a comeback?

    According to Cyclingnews, Lampre is interested in the rider... Lampre Considers Signing Kaschechkin |
  13. genedan

    Wheelset Suggestions

    Hello, I just bought a Gary Fisher Cronus Ultimate with Ultegra today and I got everything except the wheels. In the next week or two I'm gonna buy a wheelset for the bike but I really have no idea what to get. I get a 20% discount on the wheels if I buy them from the shop. So, preferably, I...
  14. genedan

    Ben Day's Tapeworm

    I guess this doesn't really have much to do with actual racing but I found this story on VeloNews: - Ben Day's unwanted passenger Apparently Ben Day was infected with a tapeworm for years and was still winning races. The story really gives me the jitters.
  15. genedan

    Gila: Team Names

    Hey, Someone please enlighten me. In the reports on the Tour of the Gila I noticed that some of the riders have different names for their teams than usual. For instance, Levi and Lance are both racing under Mellow Johnny's, and Zabriske and Danielson are racing under DZnuts. Why is this so?
  16. genedan

    PC-991 v PC-971 v PC-951

    Hello, It's time to buy a new chain. I bought a PC-971 chain and to my dismay, it's only lasted 800-900 miles and it's already stretched halfway to the .16'' mark. How much longer do you think my chain can last before I have to replace it? This time around I'm probably going to buy the cheaper...
  17. genedan

    A new benchmark for bling factor.

    Have any of you seen this? Crazy... Reynolds Composites Studio RZR 46T
  18. genedan

    Tire recycling?

    I have every set of tires that I have used dating back to 2003, which is...a lot of tires. Since my closet is about to explode and I don't just want to throw them in the garbage, is there a way to recycle them? What do y'all do with them?
  19. genedan

    Gear Setup After Triple to Double Conversion

    Hey, So we've got this SWEET deal on our team that where we get GF Cronus Ultimates/SRAM Red from Mellow Johnny's for $2270. Unfortunately I still couldn't afford that, but a GENEROUS benefactor has graciously lent me his unused Ultegra/Double bike for the time being. So, I currently ride a...
  20. genedan

    Mavic Ksyrium Equipe v. Alex AT-450

    Hey, I picked up a pair of Ksyrium Equipes for around $200 to use as a pair of spare wheels in collegiate races. But the more I think about them, the more I feel I should use them as my primary set of wheels over the stock Alex AT-450's that came with my Trek-1000 circa 2002. I'm not really...