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  1. Mats Henricson

    Biggest or toughest climb or ride ???

    My toughest were: * Col de l'Iseran, which at 2770 meters is quite a climb * Colle San Carlo in Italy, not too high, but between 10-15% for an hour * The crest on road 7 between Argentina and Chile, which at 3200 is my highest point as a biker * San Pellegrino in Alpe in Italy, at 18% for 2 km...
  2. Mats Henricson

    I wrote a book/website about bike touring

    Hi! I just wanted to say I recently wrote a book on bike touring. More specifically lightweight touring, or as it is also known, Credit Card Bike Touring. Instead of publishing it I decided to put it all on the net: It contains a lot of tips and advice...