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  1. thunder

    Evans attacks, to dispell the revisionist theory

    Ok, lots are pretty ignorant about Evans. He has attacked. By memory 2005 Liege, St Nicolas presents the 91st Liège-Bastogne-Liège apart from Tyler Hamilton, and probably Lemond, how many Americans went on St Nicolas? Because there is alot of criticism from Americans on...
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    the Hog

  3. thunder

    which riders have been conspicuously AWOL

    name em Cancellara Ciolek Gerdemann Dekker Davis Rogers Valverde Sastre those big name riders have been sucking ****, any others that you can think of. Cancellara's performances have been more than strange.
  4. thunder

    Landis' advisor Arnie Baker hacked the French Lab

    Arnie Baker who was Landis' advisor, hacked the French lab, paid a French hacker, 2000 Euros. I would like to see Baker in the big house.
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    Looks like he is off the program only result was Trofeo Calvia, this is the guy who was almost unbeatable in field sprints in Tour of Germany in 2007. Wonder if they have him riding an Ardennes program. He did win that uphill stage last year in Germany. Ronde van Vlaanderen (5/4) 111...
  6. thunder

    Bruyneel's Facebook site has a post on Cav's doping status

    Bruyneel has had some "friends" on his Facebook page suggesting Cav was doped :D Definition of irony: going on "the Hog's" Facebook page and criticising dopers :D
  7. thunder

    Cyclingnews forum, some twit is trying to get TFF banned folks, we should do the Paceline thing, and bring some weight to bear on that guy.
  8. thunder

    Graeme Brown versus Richard Nixon

  9. thunder

    Cervelo Test Team, Racing, Product Development, and Vein Access

    Cervelo Test Team, Racing, Product Development, and Vein Access very innovative.
  10. thunder

    Grater prediction thread

    Grates, you need your own thread for predictions. I always hold them in high esteem, and wait patiently on your expert punditry.
  11. thunder

    Johan Bruyneel's newsletter

    Read this, how is this schlock for ya, sounds like something from the Israeli communications officer JOHAN BRUYNEEL THE 2009 FLANDERS-AMERICA AWARD RECIPIENT Johan’s doing more than winning bike races these days! In late February, Flanders House New York opened its doors and honored Johan...
  12. thunder

    Madame Tussauds doing cycling

    Madame Tussauds is doing cycling dolls, with hgh in the new wax formula
  13. thunder

    Which is the most clueless forum?

    There are alot of clueless fora. DP Podium Cafe Riis Cycling (Saxo Bank) fan forum the Paceline funnily enough, I would not go DP or the Paceline. I think the Saxo Bank forum is without a doubt, the most corrupt forum on the net.
  14. thunder

    Cancellara's physique

    how do you get and keep a physique like this when you ride 20k miles a year, the guy's legs are like Theo Bos when on the track.
  15. thunder

    Judd Apatow does bikes

    Is this Judd Apatow production with Giovanni Ribisi and dodgy bouffants and facial hair?
  16. thunder

    New Delhi Commonwealth games.

    With GB cycling and the renaissance, the potential field would be great if riders got a release Manx: Cav Bellis Kennaugh Kennaugh Wales: Thomas Scotland: Millar Oliphant England: Hammond Cummings Hunt Wiggins Lloyd/Clancy/Swift/Stannard NIreland Martin Scanlon (if he still does...
  17. thunder

    Seppos, are they human?

    Are Seppos human? Discuss
  18. thunder

    CSC's morale and teamwork is a fraud

    CSC are a team of frauds, the teamwork and team spirit and morale, like I have contended, was always based around teamwide doping. We saw the team morale on Saunier Duval when they were winning and ripping the legs off everyone. You can have great superficial morale, when each of your legs has...
  19. thunder

    CSC's blood doping habits. Frank Schleck "amigo de birillo",tt2m1/sport/weitere/special/329/122165/index.html/sport/weitere/artikel/511/187914/article.html page 2
  20. thunder

    CSC and Valverde collusion

    what was with the collusion between Valverde and CSC? Schleck was discouraging Valverde to pull on the front