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  1. Las Montanas


    Hello All, A friend of mine has prescribed microintervals in addition to the standard 2x20min workouts and such to help get me ready for the racing season this late February though September. He basically said that the 15s on/15s off until failure workout is a good place to start with...
  2. Las Montanas

    Joe Martin Stage Race, Fayetteville, Ark.

    I've been looking at doing some bigger races this spring and was wondering if any of you have done the Joe Martin Stage Race in Arkansas. Also, if you've done it, do you happen to have your power profiles for the uphill TT? Also, your avg w/kg and time for the TT? I want to...
  3. Las Montanas

    Link at School, NP Guesses?

    Hey All, I left my PowerLink or whatever it's called at school when I came home for Thanksgiving break. I did a 20min effort today, trying to hold her steady at 310w. However, due to the nature of the course, which was a 1 mile loop with a short incline and downhill, I'm pretty sure that...