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  1. gustbaiderment

    Arm Strength And Gravel Centuries

    I've done two gravel centuries (2014 Westside Dirty Benjamin and 2015 Almanzo 100). I'm finding my arms are getting fatigued and weak before my legs or cardio (typically the last 20 miles). I'm interested in the upper body weight training to help target the muscle groups that you work on the...
  2. gustbaiderment

    Please School Me On Disc Brake Options For Cx Or Gravelbikes

    I like the stopping power and all weather benefits of disc brakes, however I could stand to learn more about how hydraulic, mechanical and cable actuated compare and contrast. I'd appreciate any first hand knowledge or links to further explanations. Thanks
  3. gustbaiderment

    2015 Tallboy Vs. Scalpel

    So i've narrowed my bike search down to two rigs - A 2015 Santa Cruz Tallboy and a 2015 Cannondale Scalpel. Both would be aluminum. Both would be upgraded to Shimano XT components. I'm torn because, although it shouldn't matter a whole lot, I think the scalpel is a much better looking bike. The...
  4. gustbaiderment

    Looking For Some Advice On Getting A Mountain Bike

    A few weeks ago I went to Oleta State park in Miami, FL. and hit the trails with one of the rental bikes (some specialized hardtails) that they had and it was AWESOME. I have not had such a good time like that since I was a kid. I use to bike everywhere when I was a kid and teenager, I had a...
  5. gustbaiderment

    Where Is The Best/lightest 20"-wheel Kids Bike?

    As many adult XC mountain bikes have droped their weight to about 25lb these days compare to 30lb+ a decade ago, just why are kids bikes remain so heavy? I compared some good brand 20"wheel kid bikes that weight in +/-26lb; it's heavier than my adult 18" frame Rocky Mountain Hammer!!! Why...