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  1. blazingpedals

    Winter mods?

    For many of us in the 'northern tier' of states, this is the off-season. A time to dream of warmer days and do a little work on the ol' machine. So, what are you doing to your two-wheeled friend this winter? I'll start things off. I'm going to try a short crankset. The buzz is that they may...
  2. blazingpedals

    Carbon highracer

    Looking to kick-start this list out of its doldrums. I'm starting a project to build a carbon high-racer. Target weight is 20 pounds. I'd like some suggestions for a wheelset. Considerations: 1. dual 700c 2. aero or semi-aero rims 3. low ( <32 ) spoke count 4. bladed spokes, if possible 5...
  3. blazingpedals

    Winter training

    This probably gets asked in one form or another every year, but what does everybody do for training in the off-season? In my DF days I used to ride my mountain bike or hybrid all winter. Even after getting a bent, I still bicycle commuted on my hybrid. Now I live too far from work, about the...