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  1. mrhappy

    Source for metric tape measure?

    Hey kids, Where is a good place to purchase a metric tape measure here in the U.S.? Thanks, MH
  2. mrhappy

    Will "square" DA crank fit Suntour BB?

    Hey all, Have been thinking about installing longer crank arms. Currently have Suntour "Sprint" (170). I was wondering if the older Shimano square drive cranks would fit on my current BB...or would I also need the Shimano BB? Thanks for any info. MH
  3. mrhappy

    How to remove threadless stem??

    Hey all, I'm replacing a stem on a threadless fork and unsure of the proceedure. I'm an old guy used to the old style quill stems and don't know the exact workings of the "newfangled" ones. Thanks for any help. MH
  4. mrhappy

    Bar Tape Recommendations?

    Hey kids, I'm looking for some recommendations for some groovy newfangled bar tape to replace the shiney white stuff I've had on there since the 80's. Have been doing some updates to my 87'(?) Schwinn Circuit as I've gotten back into cycling this year after a long layoff. Since I'll be...
  5. mrhappy

    Road seatpost with the most setback ?

    Hey Kids, Trying to get my seat back a bit further and was wondering what seatposts would give me the most backward range. Thanks, MH
  6. mrhappy

    Longest Size Cinelli Quill Stem (road)??

    Hello all, Need to strech out a bit more and was wondering what the longest size quill stem Cinelli ( or similar) made. Currently using a 13 with 26.4 bars. Thanks, MH