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  1. rudycyclist

    Brakes Sticking

    My rear brake isn't releasing right away like it should after I use it. It sticks for a couple seconds and slowly starts to release. I replaced the cable and housing and still no luck. Any idea what could fix it or what may be wrong?
  2. rudycyclist

    Tufo tubular tape with other tires

    I am looking to tape my first set of tubular tires. I have heard great things about tape and have had good experience with it, however I have always used Tufo tires. They recommend only using it with Tufo tires, but I think that's just a scam to get you to buy their tires. Has anyone else...
  3. rudycyclist

    Polar CS300 HR issues

    I have been using a Polar CS300 heart rate monitor for the last 2-3 years and have loved it. Today, I get on my bike and my heart rate does not respond. I figured it was a bad battery even though I replaced it about 2 months ago. I change it and still get no response. I went to Polar's...
  4. rudycyclist

    Lemond Tete de Course Geometry

    Lemond's website has been destroyed essentially and am wondering where I can find the geometry of a 59cm Tete de Course from 2008. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. rudycyclist Tsunami TT frame issue

    Before went out of business, I bought a Tsunami TT frame (Time Traveler) from them. It did not include a seat post collar or anything to tighten a seatpost. It looks like it's supposed to be an integrated seat mast. Just wondering if anyone has this same frame or if anyone...
  6. rudycyclist

    26 inch tire = 650 or 700??

    I am looking to buy some tires and I really do not know this conversion. I run 700c wheels so will a 26 inch tire fit?
  7. rudycyclist

    Track Crank Suggestions

    I am building a track bike right now and don't know what crank I should build it up with. I was going to order a Sram Omnium, but they're sold out. It's a relatively cheap crank and seems like its quality is pretty good. I have looked at the Campy Record track crank and it's crazy expensive...
  8. rudycyclist

    Seat/Seatpost Creaking

    So I just bought a new Lemond Tete De Course and have an incredibly irritating creaking noise when I am in my saddle only. When I am out of the saddle, it goes away so I am convinced that it has something to do with my seat or seatpost. Could greasing the seatpost help? What else could it be?
  9. rudycyclist

    Tubless Wheel/Tire questions

    I have heard some pretty good things about Shimano's road tubeless system that seems to be picking up as of late. I was thinking about giving them a shot next year but I have a few questions about them first: 1) How easy/hard are they to install? 2) If you flat, do you need to replace the...
  10. rudycyclist

    Sram Force with Campy Crank

    I am getting all new Sram Force shifters, rear der, and front der and am just making sure my Campy Chorus crank will still work with that. I am fairly sure it will but just checking to see if anyone is positive about that. Thanks
  11. rudycyclist

    Reynolds Stratus...breaking spokes

    I am looking at buying a set of Reynolds Stratus DV wheels but there's one problem. I've ridden them and our team has broken about 10 spokes on them between 2 pairs just this past year. We had a pro mechanic for a big race we were doing and he told us that the rim and hubs are good but the...
  12. rudycyclist

    Inexpensive Tubular tire website

    I'm looking for some Continental Sprinter tubular tires. Does anyone know where they are relatively inexpensive? Thanks for any help supplied.
  13. rudycyclist

    How much float does everyone like?

    I own Shimano pedals and am switching from 13 degrees of float to 0 degrees of float. I am just trying a few different things out. I have will have tried just about every amount of float after I get these 0 float cleats. I was just curious as to what everyone else likes/prefers.
  14. rudycyclist

    Track Wheels

    I am looking to have a set of custom wheels built for my track bike. I want something around 1500 grams for the pair. Another thing I've been told is important on the track is to have good bearings. I'm assuming that means I should get ceramic, right or wrong? Also, where would anyone...
  15. rudycyclist

    Replacing plastic part on Shimano SPD-SL pedals

    As many have heard and seen, the plastic part in the center of the Shimano SPD-SL pedals needs to be replaced every so often. Mine are definitely at that point. I have the plastic piece but am wondering how to pull the old ones out? I've tried taking a screwdriver and prying it out but I...
  16. rudycyclist

    When do I replace Campy shifters???

    I am starting to notice that my 06 Campy Chorus shifters seem to jam up (note that this is not a severe problem yet, but they just seem to jam slightly once in awhile). I have used the shifters for about one and a half years. I was wondering how long everyone elses Campy shifters lasted before...
  17. rudycyclist

    Excel Sports Boulder Coupon Code

    I'm wondering if anyone has a coupon code for Excel Sports Boulder? I tried searching with no luck:confused:
  18. rudycyclist

    Should I fly with CO2 cartridges?

    I leave for a trip this weekend and am flying with my bike. I will have my saddle bag with me and in it are some co2 cartridges. Will they be okay to fly with? I'm thinking they won't be because I have heard that you need to deflate your tires therefore leading me to believe highly...
  19. rudycyclist

    Hot leg rub products

    I am looking for a hot rub for my legs. I have never used it but I've been told there are cremes that you can put on your legs (or anywhere) and it will keep your skin warm/dry. I am looking for something for about 30 to 40 degrees farenheit. What kind of products is everyone else using?
  20. rudycyclist

    Using carbon brake pads on alu wheels

    I raced on some of the teams carbon wheels this weekend and we really don't use carbon brake pads. They screach really bad with the normal pads on and have no stopping power at all. If I changed my pads to the "carbon" specific brake pads, could I still use those on my everyday training...