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  1. alan b'stard M

    Helmets look stupid

    Yes, I know they are there for a purpose, but in races, a helmet removes any traditional we see in the cap! Surely in a race they can do without them or make it a matter of choice. When I see all those helmets it really spoils the visual aspect!
  2. alan b'stard M

    Australians will do well in Tour this year

    I suspect some Australians will do well in the tour this year. More and more are becoming interested in the tour. I think there will be an official Australian team, although I am yet to have this confirmed. The sport does quite well in "Oz". A tour win will see it o through the roof!
  3. alan b'stard M

    Go to the URL in the "title " box
  4. alan b'stard M

    retro cycling jerseys

    Hi Last year I went to this great site that displayed old style cycling jersys from the major companies. They were reproductions. These jerseys were from about the 1930s onwards and were for sale. It may have been an Italian site, not sure. Would anyone know this site, or one similar, thanks:D