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    I just got my blood results back from a doctor's visit last week, and my hematocrit was 39... my doctor told me to go eat a steak. Apparently red meat is good at getting the hematocrit level up. Of course, I don't even know what hematocrit is, so don't quote me on that. I'm just repeating...
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    Noob Questions @ Season's End

    So in addition to a trainer, should I buy a power meter? I've read here and elsewhere (including the link you posted- thanks) that they're much more accurate than a HRM. I presume that's something I'll have to have the LBS install?
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    Noob Questions @ Season's End

    First of all, let me say to all the regulars, thanks for reading and advice on my various questions so far. These forums are great. OK... so the end of my first biking season is approaching; I had been in spinning classes at the gym for a long time, and since several people at work bike a lot...
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    Winter Training Option?

    I'd like to throw in some cross training as an addition to working out on an indoor trainer and/or rides on the weekends over the winter. I'm not a fan of running- in fact, I chose cycling because I've got really painful shin splints (I know they go away with training, but I'm a wuss- what can...
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    I don't know if I'll ever shave (I'm more of a rec rider...), but if I did, I might have to pick up one of these: I have no affiliation whatsoever with Philips or Norelco... I just think the advertising for that electric razor is HILARIOUS.
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    Would bike gloves help stop getting numb hands while cycling?

    The most common cause of numbness in the hands for cyclists, according to my father (who sees this all the time as he's an orthopaedist), is pressure on the ulnar nerve, which provides both motor control and sensory feeling for the hand. When you put pressure on the fat pad on the base of your...
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    Any Casual shorts that are alternative to normal biking shorts?

    I was like you- a little reluctant to wear the shorts... I initially bought mountain biking shorts (though the brand escapes me right now)... but once I bought some bibs, thanks to information that I read here on the forums, I'm never going back to those MTB shorts again. Bibs are many times...
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    Cycling shorts help!!

    Second both points... first, has anyone tried chamois cream (or something similar) on their nips? This sounds really dumb, I know... but I did a century last weekend and got major chafe-chest from the bib straps! Then, I usually wear PI bibs... but have been thinking about splurging on some...
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    Need Help on Cycling Brand

    All, a woman in my office has asked for the name of a company which makes cycling apparel and who uses a spider in their logo. It might be women specific, might not. I KNOW that I've seen their Web site, but it was a long time ago, and I cannot for the life of me remember the company. Can...
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    Chamois Cream - How Much?

    Like some others above, I recently tried Assos cream for the first time... and I loved it. I liken it to something a friend of mine once said about about Gold Bond Powder (a medicated application for your "nether regions" for the non-Americans reading)... paraphrasing Mikey Dovberg, Assos...
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    Century Preparation

    Thanks to everyone for their advice. I've purchased some chamois cream, and will slather a copious amount on the bibs prior to one of my long training rides this weekend. As for the seat adjustment, I think I've almost gotten it figured out.
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    Century Preparation

    Hey everybody. When I bought my first road bike in April, I set a goal to work for during the summer- I wanted to do a century by the end of the biking season. I'm well on my way; I ride four to five days a week for at least an hour (gosh, how those 15-milers seem so easy now) and have been on...
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    Position in Saddle

    OK... stupid question for everyone... where am I supposed to be bearing my weight in the saddle? I know that I'm supposed to be bearing it on the "sit bones," or ischial tuberosities (I.T. bones), right? It seems to me that my weight is being borne too far forward in the saddle... I've colored...
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    Newbie how do you know when to replace your tire

    What's the average life for a set of road tires? This is my first season road biking, and I've put close to 800 mi (1200k) on my tires so far, but they still look pretty good to me. Should I expect a couple of thousand miles, or a certain amount of time, or what? Thanks.
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    Noob question about bonking. I went out to ride ~50 miles (80k) today, and like an idiot didn't have anything to eat with me on the bike (although I had a good breakfast). Around mile 35, I just ran out of energy... flat out... I couldn't maintain speed except on the very flattest parts of the...
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    What to eat in the morning before training

    I went out today on just a couple of bowls of cereal and a fudgesicle (I know... they're my weakness), and did fine for the first 35 miles... and then I HIT A WALL. I've never bonked before, but I totally did today. I should have brought food to eat on the bike, too, but definitely should have...
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    Heart Rate question by Noob

    For what it's worth, be aware that those fenceless yard things that use a wire buried in the ground to keep your dog in your yard REALLY mess up heart rate monitors. I don't know squat about radio waves and how that all works, but my running loop takes me by several yards in the neighborhood...
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    scared to ride: seats?

    I got some numbness from time to time while out riding early on. My LBS suggested that I try two things, and they seemed to work; first, shift your position in the seat more- stand up while climbing, or to stretch (this helps my bad back anyway), etc., and second, be very conscious of your "sit...
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    Back Pain - Seat Height Related?

    Hey all, Noob rider who fidgets constantly with seat height adjustment. I've read all the threads about how high the saddle should be, and I've moved the seat up and down accordingly. It seems to me that at a higher position, I start to get back pain. FYI- I injured my back last winter-...
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    Conflicting Information about Saddle Height / Knee Pain

    I have an issue that's very dependent upon seat height and thus leg extension- I injured my lower back last year, and ever since if I try to put my saddle up to high, I end up stretching my lower back at the fullest extension of the leg, which tweaks the injury and leads to pain on long rides...