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  1. Yojimbo_

    Look equipment failure

    So my handlebars snapped off at the steerer tube not too long ago. Broken collarbone, cracked / bruised ribs on my back, broken helmet and double vision for awhile. Very unpleasant and today, 8 weeks later, I still haven't fully recovered. It was a Look bicycle. You'd think this would be...
  2. Yojimbo_

    What should i eat tonight

    PB on toast or frozen pizza?
  3. Yojimbo_

    Cavendish Doesn't Deserve Green

    I don't think it's fair that Cavendish finishes outside the allowable time and is permitted to stay in the race (and likely win green), when his main competitor (Rojas I think) complies with the rules and finishes within the allowable time. I'd be pretty ****** if I were Rojas. The Tour...
  4. Yojimbo_

    Where is Alienator?

    I don't think I've seen any new posts from him since shortly after the site format changed. It's not the same without him - anyone know him in real life?
  5. Yojimbo_

    What's a fred????? I found these shirts on E-bay!

    Another thinly veiled advertisement. What happened to the moderators here? Are they asleep?
  6. Yojimbo_

    Two Things

    First, where is the US and Canada forum?   Second, I really don't like the new layout. I thought you were at least going to get rid of this horrible orange colour - blue is what I read a number of days back but nothing has happened yet.   Third, do you really need the text below each...
  7. Yojimbo_

    Anyone From Stockholm?

    Howdy I'm going to be in Stockholm for a few days on business (then Oskarshamn after that). Looking for some tips on whether or not (and where) I can rent a bike and do a few rides. Thanks in advance. N
  8. Yojimbo_

    Why Is Flyer Bumping These Old Threads - Is He a ****?

    Discuss amongst yourselves.
  9. Yojimbo_

    Brand New SL+ Doesn't Work

    Hi Guys My brand new SL+ doesn't work. The computer doesn't show the transmit icon. I've tried FIND, and I've tried LEARN, but nothing happens. I haven't replaced the hub batteries yet but that's all I can think of. I can't believe my brand new device would be shipped without decent...
  10. Yojimbo_

    Finally Bought a PM

    Yep...after reading all the good posts on here and using the little power meter thingie on my KK trainer for the past 2 winters, I've finally splashed out and bought a Powertap. Plus, I figured I deserved a new toy. Got the 2009 SL+.
  11. Yojimbo_

    Police Stop Stolen Bike Ring In Toronto

    Anbody out there in cyber space heard about this yet? Apparently, the guys is rumoured to have been active for years, but the police only got around to catching him now. I think the information in the story is also rather...
  12. Yojimbo_

    PT Advice Requested

    Hi Gang I've been enjoying the discussions about power for quite some time now, and while I think it won't be much more than an expensive toy for me, I am starting to seriously think about getting a Powertap. I have a few questions if you don't mind sharing your time and experience. Here...
  13. Yojimbo_

    What's Up With All This SPAM?

    I thought they had it under control, but now it's back. This is going to kill this forum - I can't stand it for much longer.
  14. Yojimbo_

    Some Training Questions

    Hi Gang I have a few questions and would appreciate the benefit of your experience. First, I'm over 50 and I ride mainly for recreation; however, I might want to do some TT next year. I don't have a power meter - instead I have a KK trainer with the power thingie that I use to set my...
  15. Yojimbo_

    Another Front Derailleur Problem

    Hi My problem is that it takes 2 or 3 tries for the jump to the big ring to take. Similarly for the half click on the small ring. When I push the lever, the chain guide (or whatever its official name is) moves, but then when I let the lever go, it moves back taking the chain with it...
  16. Yojimbo_

    Wheel Recommendations?

    Hello All I've read all the threads, and can't filter out the wheat from the chaff. I'm looking for a decent sets of wheels in the ~$800 ish range. I weigh 170 lbs, and have an 8 speed cassette. Any thoughts would be most welcome.
  17. Yojimbo_

    What Happened to Arzouzian

    Or whatever his name was.....he was posting here at world record pace earlier in the summer months and he's gone all quiet.
  18. Yojimbo_

    Wheels - Discuss Amongst Yourselves

    Hello All I, like many others around here, am trying to decide if I should upgrade my wheels. I currently have 32 spoke Mavic 195 (at least, I think that's what they are) purchased 8 or so years ago. I've noticed there are lots of high tech flashy looking wheels around, and I'm thinking of...
  19. Yojimbo_

    Salty Taste in Mouth

    Hi I've recently developed a salty taste in my mouth. It started about 3-4 weeks ago, and seems to be increasing. Originally, I had to lick my upper lip to experience it, but now I can taste it inside my mouth. Food is starting to taste differently to energy drink, which used to...
  20. Yojimbo_

    Training for Speed Questions

    Hello All I want to increase my speed for long rides, and I'm looking for some tips on the best way to do it. Currently, I do a long ride on Sunday - at least 72 miles, and I will be doing back to back 110 mile rides in 10 days or so. I also commute to work two or three times a week (about...