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  1. Alpenrose

    How to Train When You Can't Maintain a Perfect Schedule

    Which would be the best workout for me to do today after work? Ride on the roads, in the rain, ride on the trainer in the garage, or go to the gym and lift weights? It’s Wednesday and I haven’t had a good road ride since Sunday. There really isn’t time for my typical 40+ mile circuit. It’s...
  2. Alpenrose

    Carbon Seat Says

    What's the point? Are they as durable? Has anyone had problems with carbon seat stays? It seems as though there are a lot of frames available with carbon seat stays. I was thinking about an all aluminum frame, but in higher end bikes, they all come with carbon seat stays.
  3. Alpenrose

    Senior older rider races

    Does anyone know of any road races for older riders? I'm 53 and ride locally in any races I can get into, but the 20 and 30-year olds leave me behind. I'm getting better and intend to continue racing everyone "straight-up", but in the one experience I had with "seniors" I did pretty well, if I...