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    Fulcrum racing 5 lg to reynolds assault slg - would it be worth it/worth the cash?

    I have the Fulcrums now and they're nice, but was looking to splash out a bit on something a little more comfortable and a bit faster. In terms of price the Assault SLG's and the Vision Metron 40's are in the range. They'll be used on high mileage weekend runs, rolling countryside terrain, some...
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    At what point do you consider a route hilly?

    Sounds like a silly question on the face of it, and it's relative to a large extent no doubt. But is there a general consensus about how many meters (or ft) of ascent would make a ride hilly? Are grades more important than meters climbed or is meters climbed a good enough indicator? Take a 100...
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    Need advice on some really nice long distance road tyres for the summer

    I was looking at the Continental Grand Prix 4000S II as they have lots of good reviews. Currently I have some Vittoria Rubino Pro Slicks and people say they're pants. They're the only tyres I've had on this bike so I've nothing to compare them to. Planning on a lot of miles this summer and...
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    Is it weird to enter 'category' races with an endurance bike?

    Really newb question this, but as someone completely new to the scene and considering getting a bit fitter and entering a category 4 race, I was wondering if I'd be snarked at for using an endurance bike. It's all I have and have no intention of buying something racier (my bike is already way...
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    Name this bottle cage

    Feel bad making a thread just for this, but I'm done searching for it. Really want these bottle cages but I can't spot them anywhere. Long shot but maybe a more seasoned cyclist will know! (Don't suppose anyone can tell what the bars are by looking at them either?)
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    Which Would You Buy Between The Cannondale Synapse 105 5 (2015) And The Liv Avail Advanced 2 (2016)?

    Buying a bike for the other half and we're stuck between two bikes (she likes both). Cannondale Synapse Carbon 105 5 Women's...