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    Bike Recommendations

    i'm not an expert in this area but i did come across a website that was handy for this topic i came across this website that's called Cycle Maintenance Academy, I'm new to the biking world but they have some really useful YouTube videos. They have a page on how t choose the right bike, hope this...
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    What supplements do you guys like using?

    i like protein, i take lots of vitamins tho that's important
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    What's on your cycling bucket list? Bike rides to do before you die.

    i would just love to be able to afford to go cycling abroad somewhere not just in the UK
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    short but funny jokes please!

    What do bees say when they see an overhyped event? “What’s all the buzz is about.”
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    Anyone got tips to reduce chaffing

    I have always suffered with chaffing when I am cycling and general discomfort from my bicycle seat- no matter which bicycle I have had over the years. It's worse on longer rides and now its warm I am really struggling. Does anyone have any tips to reduce chaffing and ways to make my seat more...
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    Plant protein vs meat protein for cycling

    I thin both are as effective but very often you have to consume a larger amount of plant protein to get the same amount of protein you would with real meat. Although I enjoy plat based and meat, I can't resist dry aged steak at the moment. Have you tried grilling dry aged steak? A perfect way to...
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    Cleaning and making the bike look good

    I did try and leave a link but it wasn't allowed, check out the Cycle Maintenance Academy blogs for the article I used!
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    Cleaning and making the bike look good

    I'm so sorry to here this, that is awful. At least you managed to find it through rather then not at all... One thing I would say though is don't power wash the bike because you can penetrate the bearings of the bottom bracket, headset, hubs and suspension pivots. When I went and rode on a...
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    My sister wants to do cycling.

    I think only time will tell, if she does amazing, if not that's ok to!
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    Is road cycling dangerous?

    Cycling can be dangerous but if you're concerned try and stick to a trail or a cyclist path to avoid any potential accidents. I don't have an A star in cycling but with me I found I felt more relaxed after reading up on life insurance for cycling. It helped me to feel more confident that when...