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  1. cfsmtb

    Time for the body bag?

    MIA, busted or dead? Funnily enough you can have a.b read only access on a body building forum. Don't know if it's going to be fixed or we just lurk on googlegroups instead. Which is a pity because I prefer the forum interface & stalkbook does have it's limitations. BTW - it's Situation...
  2. cfsmtb

    (Melb) Revolution 3 info

    Hopefully we shall be there! ;)
  3. cfsmtb

    A rest for Pros (revisited) - Can tell coke from Pepsi

    Um yeah, apparently Ulrich liked pies and Colombian marching powder. Why fk up an entire career in its prime just to snort recreational drugs? What a silly, silly boy.
  4. cfsmtb

    Ride of Silence 2008

    Seen this letter published in CN?
  5. cfsmtb

    Cyclists saving Govt 200m in health costs: report

    Ditto - isn't that the process we're actually partaking in?
  6. cfsmtb

    New Australian HPV distance record

    For those specific details, ask Ben directly, as the journo probably just wrote what was directly reported to her. Although there maybe a few people lurking on here who have been involved with trials or even the Energy Breakthrough schools stuff who could provide more about their experiences...
  7. cfsmtb

    Cyclists saving Govt 200m in health costs: report

    And how does the government know what the lumpenproletarian need, if the ramble don't start organising themselves and telling the pollies what they may what? If democracy functioned perfectly then maybe pundits, lobbyists, advocates and general shitstirrers would cease to exist. *Pause for thought*
  8. cfsmtb

    New Australian HPV distance record

    Or a deliberate typo for added affect.
  9. cfsmtb

    Ride of Silence 2008

    Has anyone contacted other groups, such as Pedal Power ACT or even a cycle-friendly local lawyer for advice? If the police seem unwilling to pursue further action, there's the option of a civil case.
  10. cfsmtb

    Cyclists saving Govt 200m in health costs: report

    Trolls can also have tendencies to be shape-shifting, asexual polymorphs with deep-seated boundary issues. On the other hand, giant killer squid are far more predictable and entertaining.
  11. cfsmtb

    New Australian HPV distance record

    bring back the speling cow!
  12. cfsmtb

    New Australian HPV distance record

    We're just going to prepare to agree to disagree on that point, as there's been mucho commentary elsewhere who perceived the comments as out of whack. Further idle chatter from both sandal-wearing and non-sandal wearing 'bent supporters on the Audax, CM-Melb & Oz-HPV lists and various blogs &...
  13. cfsmtb

    Reflective (adhesive) tape

    The Other commuter has sidelight strips mounted for that effect, from a side profile the rims look like solid white lights, or so informed by witnesses. Unfortunately I don't believe sidelights (US?) are still manufactured, although some LBS may have a few dusty boxes lurking about.
  14. cfsmtb

    problem with panniers and racks

    In regard to the chains, were they just shite quality and/or inappropriate or were there wear pattern issues?
  15. cfsmtb

    Beanie under a helmet

    Aldi had a veritable truckload of thinsulate headwarmers type things last week, maybe check if there's some left in the bins?
  16. cfsmtb

    New Australian HPV distance record

    Nah, just pointing out the obvious, simply the wrong quote was citied. Although your spellchecker seems to be a bit off too.
  17. cfsmtb

    Cyclists saving Govt 200m in health costs: report

    Additional info: ABC: Health benefits of cycling When the Labor government came to power last November, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd promised to make the fight against obesity a national health priority. Current figures suggest that around...
  18. cfsmtb

    Canberra: Dreams on Wheels: Danish Cycling Culture for Urban Sustainability

    Luckily the exhibition is moving to Sydney this month and then onto Melbourne. ;) More details: Exhibition opening hours: 10 June 2008 - 22 June 2008 Weekday opening hours 9am - 6pm Weekend opening hours 10am - 4pm Admission is free...
  19. cfsmtb

    Barrack room lawyer needed

    Anyone here have a reasonable overview of UK law? If memory serves me well (or badly) here in Aus. we don't enjoy the same rights and there's some historical reason for that. Or not, maybe the early legal process involving right of way got screwed over by the squattocracy?
  20. cfsmtb

    New Australian HPV distance record

    Nope, although your reading skills seem to be a bit off today.