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  1. maarten

    the strangest thing you've seen on a ride

    A whale in the ocean next to the road I was riding on. A marshal protecting a turtle from the leading bunch. Ostriches crossing the road in front of our bunch, as well as baboons.
  2. maarten

    Cycling clubs in Amsterdam?

    you can try this bulletin board Its one off the most if not the most active from the netherlands. Bericht plaatsen means post message just click it and write your question down
  3. maarten

    Top ten ways to look like a better cyclist than you are! :)

    Your wife ain't a member of the national team I suppose?? The trainers and jackets are unisex by the way. I would never wear her cycling shorts, I am a sprinter I got way bigger legs than her :)
  4. maarten

    Best track sprinter

    Its not that hard or special. I know several riders(non pro) who can do this. Even on 166meter and 250 meter tracks in the turn. The lifting is not the hard thing its the timing. You need to lift at the right spot not too late not early and not too long as it all costs time. The best ones only...
  5. maarten

    Top ten ways to look like a better cyclist than you are! :)

    Borrow Cyling kit from the girlfriend. She got a jacket saying Belgian National Cycling Team and lots of other things like that. Note: (the Girlfriend is a multiple national champion(the kit is genuine) and came 7th and 13th at worlds once)
  6. maarten

    port elizabeth 1970 to 77......

    Not theo but Graham, big chence they are family. Graham son Glynn rode for the team i rode for at walmer. I don't see them anymore as I moved back to europe In februari.
  7. maarten

    how many jearsys do you all own?

    I gave some away to people as a memory and some to friends who don't have that many. So I am stuck with only about 15 left, thats less than the girlfriend :)
  8. maarten

    Why the variation in Aust bike part prices? Best shop LBS or internet?

    Its all about being isolated and dealer policy to explain the difference between australia and european prices. Some manufacturerses lock the south african market off from the rest off the world to increase wholsale profit. An example For my thesis I took a rondom sample of some bicycle shops...
  9. maarten

    Tour of Flanders Cyclosportif

    the website from the real deal is the english version is in the making and should be complete soon. The cyclosportiv follows almost the same route as the real race and information will be spread through the same website. for 2005 the event will be on the 2th of april(more information...
  10. maarten

    port elizabeth 1970 to 77......

    I won the first day of the crit series down there way back in 2004 :) :), wasn't born in your time . Maybe you know the guy who invited me there he's originally from PE the moolmann family
  11. maarten

    Wath are the basic comp. needed for cyclo-cross?

    Standard is the double crankset some go single(in europa that is). Only consider triple when hills are very steep where you race, compared to europe. Bar end shifters are old school but if you like the feel... The mtb like extra brakes deliver firmer braking and on steep and or bumpy downhils...
  12. maarten

    Fastest you ever cycled?

    have gone 114 k an hour that's just more than 70mph that was on a downhill though the fastest or at least one off the fastest on a flat road is dutch oldtimer Fred Rompelberg he did 268k an hour thats 167 mph on a salt lake in utah. At one atemmpt he fell off broke a lot off bones really a...
  13. maarten

    Dissatisfaction with the way Cycling is run in South Africa by the SACF

    Things I have experienced while racing in South Africa as an European where sometimes strange. First Introduction about myself to clare up from where I look at racing. I am 23 year old used to race in Europe. Raced primarely in western cape while in SA(was 22 at that time), did races in...
  14. maarten

    What 'CAT' are these climbs?

    Yeah but thats the netherlands. their country is flat(except from a smal part close to german/belgian border). wild estimation 75% of their country is at 50m above sea level or lower, considerable part of it is even below sea level :) .
  15. maarten

    What 'CAT' are these climbs?

    comparing to tour de france cat 4 maybe cat 3 depending on the rest of the climbs on that day. In a mountain stage they would be cat 4 in a flat stage cat 3. There are no actual rules a climb for listing in cats. On general on a flat stage a climb gets a higher rating. Climbs with stge finish at...
  16. maarten

    Paolo Bettini wins Olympic Road Race

    Paulinho is still young, thats why he is so little known born 26/03/1980. As an U 23 rider he used to be one of the best time trialists around: 2001 worlds 1. PATE Danny USA 46:29.35 2. LANG Sebastian GER + 38.35 3. PERRY James RSA + 39.35 4. POPOVYCH Yaroslav UKR +...
  17. maarten

    Cape Town's F'ing Weather!!!!

    You don't realize how good Cape Town weather is. I lived there for a couple of months. Cape town winter is far from rainy or cold. You are spoild and you don't realize it. Just check year around weather in other places in the world. Cape town is a very nice place for a cyclist if you look at the...
  18. maarten

    Top ten ways to look like a better cyclist than you are! :)

    The first time was an accident at that time he was a guest rider in my team. Later I became guest rider in the team he was team leader off. It happend 2 more times. It just became a practical joke, wanna win a sprint, just lead David out. We never had problems, just some laughs. Most times we...
  19. maarten

    Shimano (in)compatability, disc brakes

    wel lets start Different hub system vs campy. SO no mixing hubs and casette different crankset standards 130mm vs 135 mm for the bolts of the front blade. BB-cranksets different types of connections not interchangable. 8-9 and 10 speed mix bad inbetween eachother. the newer 10 speed wheels...
  20. maarten

    Top ten ways to look like a better cyclist than you are! :)

    Things I have done Enter the local 200k team ride(teams of 12). Convince your friends to set off in a paceline at 45k/h or more. Have guys give their wheel when you puncture and leave them in the middle of nowhere. note: We did win the event in a new course record and got newspaper and tv...