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  1. dougadam

    Trek 4300 or Trek Navigator 3.0 ?

    I am looking for some advice on what bike to purchase. I am considering the Trek 4300 and the Trek Navigator 3.0. I ride about 45 miles on back roads that have some very large hills. And because I live near lake Michigan it gets very windy. Also I carry about 30 lbs of stuff, and I am 51...
  2. dougadam


    I even wave at motorists that behave themselves.
  3. dougadam

    What did I buy?

    It looks like you bought a white elephant.
  4. dougadam

    3000 miles,, in your face!

    I bought a SCHWINN VARSITY from Walmart. I liked the bike so much that I immediately went for a 70 mile bike ride.
  5. dougadam

    Cyclist Chris Jongewaard guilty of running over teammate

    I wonder how many drinks he had. :mad:
  6. dougadam

    Do you have a bad travel exprience?

    Wow, I will never go there
  7. dougadam

    cannondale - 1990 criterium frame (65406902947)

    I would check with cannondale.
  8. dougadam

    Chain Guard/Pants Guard for mountain bike

    Have you checked eBay?
  9. dougadam

    great read

    It sounds interesting I will have to check it out.
  10. dougadam

    Really Cool Jersey

    That's cool
  11. dougadam

    who wants to be a millionare?

    Everybody wants to be your friend when your rich
  12. dougadam

    The Man who rode round the world

    Sounds like a good read, I will have to check it out
  13. dougadam

    Bicycle vs Motorcycles.

    Sounds good to me
  14. dougadam


    Cycling is a good way to lose weight
  15. dougadam

    just joined cycling club,nervous

    Just do your best :)
  16. dougadam


    I know a guy who got a tattoo of his favorite tennis shows
  17. dougadam

    Being prepared

    I carry duck tape for a quick fix.
  18. dougadam

    Calling all passionate bike owners!

    I will take a look