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  1. EoinC

    The Thread about Nothing....

    Even they couldn't get it right - "we could all except this".
  2. EoinC

    The Thread about Nothing....

    Chevron Australia 2010 Perth International Track Grand Prix is on SBS today at 5pm WST (or so I am told - I'm over in Singapore, so I won't see it anyway). My family tell me it was a great carnie, so watch it if you can / want / are forced to (eg Clockwork Orange).
  3. EoinC

    JR. Gearing, your take

    You are racing in UCI open events? Our club is primarily Junior development-focused, and includes several current and past World Champions. We are meticulous about roll-outs and transitional phases in moving up to the next age group. I don't recall hearing of any of our riders crashing...
  4. EoinC

    The Thread about Nothing....

    Jackson G goin' off like a frog in a sock... YouTube - Run Biker detour.m4v
  5. EoinC

    A Point to Ponder

    Hi, Lim - Here's another thought which comes directly from the private enterprise World I inhabit (note that it's only applicable to the pro peleton), where employers are required to take responsibility for the behaviour and performance of their flock. The riders are employed by their Teams. For...
  6. EoinC

    The Thread about Nothing....

    Stop beating around the bush. What are you wanting to say? Incidentally, nice use of solipsism. In the words of Monty Python: "René Descarte was a drunken fart, I drink therefore I am."
  7. EoinC

    The Thread about Nothing....

    ...and also because Postal was a (partially) Federal-funded affair. Govt likes to spend its money on the drugs / dictators / wars of its own choosing. The boys should have explained that ONCE and Telekom were communist organisations, then they could have had EPO by the Vatload.
  8. EoinC

    Jens Voight more bad news for Schleck on Thursday?

    Like 4x up Ventoux in 1 day on a unicycle? YouTube - 4x Mont Ventoux on unicycle
  9. EoinC

    Floyd Landis - As$hat Pt. Eleventynine...

    Yeah - The flapping microfibres are designed to wick away the laminar flow... T-Shirt Technology is still in its infancy.
  10. EoinC

    Stage 17 dissapoints once again

    They both rode well and were evenly matched, and the pace was high enough to put them well off the front. Marking on a climb is not exactly wheel-sucking. Contador, like Schleck, is in the business of winning bike races. His ride on Stage 17 was exactly as it should have been. He wasn't able to...
  11. EoinC

    Torker Graduate

    I ride a Torker LX 26 unicycle, which is reasonably well made, but nothing startling. I'm not sure, with the enormous quantity of bikes available in the Netherlands, why you would be going to the effort of tracking down one from the USA. The Netherlands must have one of the highest bike...
  12. EoinC

    Tips for Contador on how to be a classy cyclist

    ??? This is appearing more like a primary school playground everyday.
  13. EoinC

    The Thread about Nothing....

    It was those come-to-bed eyes...
  14. EoinC

    Should Contador Have Held Back for Schleck?

    There's an interview with Merckx back in the early 70's where he says something along the lines of "I give no gifts, and I expect none in return".
  15. EoinC

    The Thread about Nothing....

    Castle Anthrax has a special going this week in its "Four Floors o' Haws" section
  16. EoinC

    The Thread about Nothing....

    How are you getting on over there?
  17. EoinC

    Tips for Contador on how to be a classy cyclist

    That's about the limit of your reality perception.
  18. EoinC

    The Thread about Nothing....

    Qinhai doesn't sound very Flemish, does it?