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  1. el Ingles

    Tire time?

    some tyres use a silicon compound and these do tend to cut more easily than conventional materials but this type of damage does not matter too much so long as the casing is undamaged but get used to the idea that damage will be an issue with these tyres not wear . " race " tyres have softer...
  2. el Ingles

    Pedals, Clip on or Traditional

    not all mtb shoes can be used with these and a road shoe has the cleat stuck out in the breeze just like a look so you still can´t walk and being steel it rips up the floor as well - as spd cleats need to be oiled to work well DO NOT walk on the carpets , ever .
  3. el Ingles

    hot spots on feet

    seems that everybody gets them but more on the road ( spd ) most of the problem is that we wear our cycle shoes so little compared to svery day shoes that we really don´t get our feet used to the shoes and vice versa , try more protective insoles but basiclly it´s a matter of getting used...
  4. el Ingles

    Pedals, Clip on or Traditional

    SPD does have one down side " hot foot " , where all the force is going through a small part of your foot and it " heats up " - SPD-R is not SPD and was not a success , avoid like the plague . choice ? if you need to be able to walk go the mtb route for pedals and shoes but if you only need...
  5. el Ingles

    Pedals, Clip on or Traditional

    simple version ? ( toe ) clipless pedals use a " cleat " screwed to the sole of your shoe this locks into the pedal and cannot be pulled out but will release by twisting sideways . nobody that has made the change has ever gone back , even saen kelly the last pro to use toeclips now swears by...
  6. el Ingles

    Fulcrum 1 pinging

    my mate at the cycleshop was going burk because a spinergy mtd wheel was noisy when the rear brake was applied - turned out to be that the skewer was too thin , go figure .
  7. el Ingles

    Compact vs Std Frame

    In it´s time the Giant design was the lightest frame available as well as one of the most rigid - rigid enough to be uncomfortable at times - so the idea seems to have been ok . but...... these days it´s all a matter of choice , so just try not to fall for any fashion based money trap ( ie...
  8. el Ingles

    Forget It

    just because France was right about iraq is no excuse to sulk : though knowing what a pain in the bum americans abroad can be they might prefer it if you stayed home .
  9. el Ingles

    Improving speed of 2006 CRX2

    silicon compounds are great but they do cut very easily - try the vitoria rubino pro , at least with these you´ll not be picking glass etc out of the tyre after every ride ( but you should check ) want to go faster ? get stronger or buy a motor .
  10. el Ingles

    WINTER WARNING -shimano

    Shimano has a small flaw in that if left without using for a while the shifters can stop shifting due to a critical part of the system seizing in it´s post so try to use the shifters at least once a month during any layup due to winter , this is true of all shimano shifters that are not...
  11. el Ingles

    What is the best size frame for me? 168cm Female

    Carbon rear ends are cheaper for the fabricator as they can buy in ONE size and cut it to fit ( joint to seat tube ) and as carbon is fashionable ...... Don´t know that in street frames - the pros use different stuff to that sold to the public most of the time , similar but slightly different -...
  12. el Ingles

    What is the best size frame for me? 168cm Female

    Buying a bike because it looks good is stupid - there is a lot of attractive **** out there - so don´t dismiss a compact frame for looks , they have a lot of advantages * if made properly ( not all giant clones are faithfull to the design concept ) * it can enable a smaller rider to buy a...
  13. el Ingles

    Rear sprocket cassette wobble HELP

    The answer is yes you can , sort of , but that is unlikly to help . It sounds like somebody forgot a washer or shim when they mounted the cassette and the lock nut can´t clamp down enough to compress the cassette enough to make it stable on the spline . If you have the tools then it´s an easy...
  14. el Ingles

    Water bottles that don't taste like $%*^ ??

    It may sound silly but this problem only occurs if you leave the bottle empty when you store it . I´ve been using the same bottles for the last six years and as I always store them full to the brim I´ve had no problem . It also pays to always wash them after use but that´s so obvious that it is...
  15. el Ingles

    Stop At Red - Make Your Pledge

    did I mention the five speed bumps ? in summer hell in winter a wasteland
  16. el Ingles

    Stop At Red - Make Your Pledge

    most don,t yes I do when driving but then you only have to stop once because of the way the lights are sequenced . nb in july and august there are pedestrians but not the rest of the year - this is a beach resort and a beach roadin a tourist resort on the unpopular side of town .
  17. el Ingles

    Stop At Red - Make Your Pledge

    much depends on what red lights we are talking about : on the road that I live are 2 traffic control lights and between them are 8 pedestrian crossing lights that work to sequence whether or not there is anybody waiting to cross . Now only a fool jumps a control light but to stop 4 or 5 times...
  18. el Ingles

    Causes of lower back pain

    COULD BE THE BARS ARE TOO LOW - COMMON . could just be a road shock problem - try running 23 mm tyres and/or lower pressures . our club sec had this problem start when he changed his saddle to a model with ali frame - this combined with steel frame , radial spoked aero wheels and 20 mm tyres was...
  19. el Ingles

    clipless pedals

    really does have to be SPD´s for practicallity but do look at the downhill style platform type as it isn´t always practical to clip in but these have the platform and mech on both sides - helpfull in traffic - do avoid single sided spd/ platforms at all cost as you always seem to get the wrong...
  20. el Ingles

    What's the difference between Bars

    Sorry butbars are as personal as saddles : I might love this bar but you hate it . Just don´t get conned into buying something that the shop wants to sell : most pros seem to prefer the old shape bars - LA liked shallow Italian for example - but they are difficult to find in the shops in cheap...