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  1. Randal Lovelace

    Nishiki Bicycles

    Ok, I've been trying to catch on 3 weeks of no internet (I'm ok, And I have seen several of you have Nishiki bicycles. I have recently bought a Nishiki from a garage sale for $5.00 The one I have is a Nishiki Sport, with the following: Suntour AR Front and Rear Der. Sugino...
  2. Randal Lovelace

    Atomic Thermo Cuts

    Atomic Thermo Cuts Contains: Guarana Leaf Extract (22% Caffiene) 440mg Ma Huang Extract (8% Ephedrine) 250mg * White Willow Bark 75 mg Cayenne Pepper Fruit (90,000 H.U.) 60mg Ginger Root 40mg * People with heart conditions should NOT take this. However, I have no heart condition....and take...
  3. Randal Lovelace

    Question about building a custom 4 wheel bike

    I have been thinking of building my own design recumbant bike. The basic layout would be seat near rear between the rear tires (Slightly forward of center of the tires - back of back rest top would be about an inch forward of the rear wheels centerline.) front tires would be attached simular...
  4. Randal Lovelace

    Couple of interesting web sites (Safety)

    Thought I'd post a couple of sites I found concerning cycling safety, thought they were interesting and decided to share: Hope you find them interesting too. Randy
  5. Randal Lovelace

    Vehicular Cycling

    I being of sound mind and great body...(do to working out for a job and working out to and from work)..... Seriously, I have joined with the ranks of VC. I have done a lot of research, reading, looking at photos of very bad bike lanes (was the designer of some of those on Crack?) And agree with...
  6. Randal Lovelace

    How much does your bike weigh?

    I just weighed both of the bikes if have.... Huffy Blue Ridge 18sp MTB - 34 pounds..... Lotus Elan 12sp Road bike - 25 pounds.... How much does the bike you ride weigh?
  7. Randal Lovelace

    Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA

    Anybody in Central Florida?? I'm in Altamonte Springs, but can get to nearby locales.
  8. Randal Lovelace

    Lotus Elan Bicycle

    Do any of you know about Lotus Bicycles? Reciently obtained a Lotus Elan 12sp road bike (made sometime in the early 80's)... This particular model has 27"x1.25" rims, and all of the gear on the bike is Japanese. I know they were Japanese made bikes, but was looking for more detailed info...